Quebec Cannabis Seeds Review

Quebec Cannabis Seeds Review

If you’re from Quebec, buying cannabis strains and seeds is no longer impossible because Quebec Cannabis Seeds is there. If you’re considering switching to this seed bank but have doubts, this Quebec Cannabis Seeds review will help you decide.

About Quebec Cannabis Seeds

Quebec Cannabis Seeds is the seed bank with more than 15 years of unmatched expertise in the industry. They believe that the quality of their products is more important than anything else. Breeds and strains with a natural resistance against various pests and diseases are something that this Canada seed company puts on top of their priorities.

Consumers can easily contact them to avail of the best marijuana seeds with natural resistance from specific diseases. What they do is they test each seed before they post them through their website. They believe that marijuana will be legal all over the world in the next few years. It is something that they will tell people about through their website. Most hybrids featured on their website also undergo the testing process and will be shipped to many parts of the world.

For Quebec Cannabis Seeds, the quality of their products is the most important. They don’t pay too much attention to the quantity. Sadly, they are not accepting returns and requests for refunds as they are very confident about the quality of their products. Likewise, the available payment options will not make you wow. At least, the choices are sufficient. Click Here to Visit Quebec Seed Bank!

Reputation and Credibility

Credibility and trust are the hardest things to establish for online businesses, especially for those that deal with cannabis-related products. However, Quebec Cannabis Seeds has managed to do it very well. For more than 15 years, they have been giving seeds to their growing customer base from entire Canada and even across the different parts of the world. It led to a sudden surge of trust among the growing number of users. They also succeed in getting new clients, which brought the company to continuous success.

Customer Support

To any company that caters customers online, especially something like Quebec Cannabis Seeds, customers must be allowed to contact them in case they have inquiries or questions about the product, payment options, or delivery. Unfortunately, they do not excel much when it comes to customer support.

That is because they do not have a 24/7 customer support system. Also, they often fail to get back to their customers with inquiries or complaints. Likewise, they get only one contact number for both local and international consumers. Hence, Quebec Cannabis Seeds is available only on business days and will not be able to accommodate inquiries and concerns on weekends. It might be frustrating for customers who have a quite simple concern that the company may be able to solve in no time. Fortunately, they gave me the option to send them a message via mail. The only problem is consumers won’t be able to tell when Quebec Cannabis Seeds can accommodate them.

Strain Selection and Quality

Quebec Cannabis Seeds ensures the seeds are fresh and of the best quality. So, they are confident your orders will arrive in good condition. The seeds will be shipped with proper sealing to preserve their freshness and overall quality.

When it comes to quality and price, Quebec Cannabis Seeds deserves attention and praise. Their pricing is as competitive as the pricings of other well-known cannabis seed banks. However, you will likely notice a difference once you view some popular cannabis strains like the Northern Lights.

As the company tends to sell them at more affordable prices, many will still find the pricing almost the same as the prices of the same strains in other seed banks. The company comes with weed strains that are suitable for recreational smoking and for people who use cannabis for medical purposes. Some seeds grow indoors and outdoors, making Quebec Cannabis Seeds one of the leading seed banks online to visit when it comes to affordable and high-quality cannabis seeds.

Payment Options

Quebec Cannabis Seeds accept credit cards such as Visa and MasterCard. The payment options they offer are quite limited. Interestingly, they know whether clients are reliable or not. For that, they tend to make some exceptions. Sometimes, you can pay them using bitcoins and other cryptocurrencies.

You may also pay them by using money transfers. The process behind money transfers is quite nice and convenient. Sometime, your bank will need to convert dollars into another type of currency that can be expensive. In general, the payment choices offered by Quebec Cannabis Seeds are limited. Despite that, they seem reasonable and good enough for a Canadian seed bank.

Shipping and Return Policy

When it comes to delivery and returns, Quebec Cannabis Seeds, thus, you have nothing to worry regarding delays and ceased packages. Also, you are assured that the parcel will not give anyone an idea about its content because the name of the company will not be printed in the package. Also, Quebec Cannabis Seeds will ship the parcels without countries excluded.

The company will not be held responsible for any legal issues for the cannabis seeds they transmit. There could be an issue in many cases, but the company will try its best to get the seeds delivered to your doors.

When your order is not in good condition, Quebec Cannabis Seeds will not provide you a choice to request a refund or return. The shipping is done on business days from 9 AM – 5 PM. Orders are expected to be shipped and delivered successfully in 10 to 25 business days.


Quebec Cannabis Seeds is one of the best online seed banks despite the shortcomings that come along with the company. You can trust them whole when it comes to the overall quality of their products, the swiftness of their delivery, and the availability of your favorite cannabis strains. Actually, there are many reasons to trust them. This Quebec Cannabis Seeds review gave everything you may want to know regarding the company to see if they are worthy of your attention, time, and money.

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