Purple Kush Strain Review

Purple Kush Strain Review

The Purple Kush strain is often considered among those pure Indica strains which came from California, specifically in Oakland. It is a combination of two other powerful strains, Purple Afghani and the Hindu Kush. It produces a subtle smell, which gives some hints of earthy and sweet overtones, which is quite typical of other Kush varieties. It also provides a longer-lasting, strong, and blissful feeling of euphoria that tends to cover the mind of the user. Due to the fact that it gives off that special feeling of physical relaxation, the body is now freed from pain, sleeplessness, and stress.

Purple Kush has the reputation of being included among the elite clones in the California medical community. This can only mean that they may only be availed of as cuttings. Still, you do not have to worry about this, because medical marijuana users can avail of this strain in various dispensaries found within the state. There are a lot of patients who just love the deep body stone that is produced by this strain, as it is also a wonderful treatment for pain and depression.

Distinct Qualities

A lot of growers love the fact that Purple Kush produces a strong buzz that goes along with its full-body sedative effects, coupled with a long-lasting euphoria. It is highly pungent, with some hints of purple, as well as the spicy taste and smell which is common among other Kush varieties.

Purple Kush is also eminently relaxing and potent, which is obviously in touch with its roots of the Afghani-Pakistani origin. It also results in a slight energy rush, rushing quickly, leaving any user with that floaty, as well as a highly medicated overall body experience, making pains and aches, stress and anxiety, and other related feelings just go away. It is also highly known to last really long. As such, you can expect that this strain is perfect when it comes to dealing with muscle relaxation, body pain, appetite stimulation, mood elevation, as well as a sleep aid when administered at higher dosages.

Information for Growers

Feedback from several growers shows that Purple Kush is definitely one of the most powerful strains ever cultivated. It has the capability to produce those dark green buds which features generally a subtle hint of purple, are dense, and are average in size. At the same time, it can also grow wide, not tall. As it grows, it also comes with a strong, flowery taste which gives off some hints of grape. When it comes to the kind of high that you can expect, you may have to anticipate that this strain can give you that high which can last about 2 hours, still depending highly on the type of drying and curing done.

Purple Kush is also expected to enter its flowering phase after 8 weeks of outdoor and indoor growing. This can only mean that this particular strain is extremely adaptable for any type of grower. For instance, if you are planning to grow indoors, you can expect that this strain can be harvested about mid to late September. It can also offer a good level of yield that can range from moderate to high, and may also reach about 400g per square meter. It may also highlight some dense buds and short stalks. Because this strain produces such a high yield, it is really attractive to both users and growers.

When it comes to the growing medium, Purple Kush can grow really well in either hydro or soil. As a matter of fact, with this strain, you can expect a fairly strong yield, taking into consideration the potential Urkle lineage, as well as the standard slow vegetative growth that is common among purple strains. Night cooler temperatures, as well as longer flowering time, can help in bringing out the purple color to an eventually higher degree. Depending on the actual cut, it is usually between 55 days flowering time at its earliest, which may also reach up to 70 days for cuts that are late maturing.

Bottom Line

With the deep body effects that are provided by the Purple Kush strain, users can certainly expect a sedative effect. As such, it is great when it comes to offering treatment for certain conditions such as depression, spasms, and even tics. Since it offers a longer-lasting effect, it is not recommended if you are planning to be productive during a very busy day, since it can ultimately relax your entire body, which means that it might lead you to a couch-lock session. When this happens, you may end up with nothing accomplished with your tasks. On the other hand, if you just want to relax at home, for the entire day, the Purple Kush strain is certainly a great option that you can take into consideration when choosing the best marijuana strains.

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