Paradise Seeds Review

Paradise Seeds Review

The Paradise Seeds has been selling high-quality cannabis seeds way back in 1994. They are located in The Netherlands. Paradise seeds are one of the most well-established, highly respected, and are truly one of a kind in terms of seed selling. For people living in Amsterdam and nearby countries that are trying to buy and get their first marijuana experience, Paradise seeds have positive feedbacks when it comes to their customer service.

One thing that sets them apart from other seed banks is their ability to breed and sell highly-potent and powerful connoisseur strains, a rarity back in the days, but they were well-equipped throughout their business. However, you can’t call Paradise Seeds a cannabis superstore because they only breed they carefully and meticulously selected strains, breed, and sell them.

Paradise Seeds is your go-to seed bank if you are trying to buy a top-notch quality selection of high valued cannabis genetics ever created. One of the best things about Paradise Seeds is that they sell Cannabis Cup winner strains, from THC-dominant strains for recreational use, to CBD-rich strains that are specially made for therapeutic use, and not only that, they also cater the needs of newbie growers now that they’ve added the Autoflowering strains. Great, right? Read Paradise Seed’s information below!

Reputation and History

Their founder, Luc Krol, has been in the Marijuana Industry as early as 1980. He was heavily invested in breeding high-quality strains that it became a full-fledged Marijuana company. His mission was to produce consistent strains that are the best, even in varying generations. It promises to sell the best seeds – never the second-best. They never settle for mediocrity!

The Paradise Seed banks are a highly-reputable seed bank that is in operation way back in 1994. Making them one of the longest-running seed banks all over the world. This well-established Seedbank, through its efforts, have resulted in high-quality marijuana that is unmatched amongst their rivals. They can almost guarantee a 95% germination success rate as long as all the needs are appropriately provided. Overall, the Paradise Seeds bank has been in the game for quite some time now; it is no wonder they have tons of positive feedback on their page.

Paradise has its unique process by which they carefully select strains of high-caliber genetics and is continued through the entire cultivation process, from providing all the necessary seeds to growing them in high-quality grow rooms that are sure to fire up those dazzling buds. These are some of the reasons why Paradise Seeds have stayed in business for a while now.

Seed Selection and Product Quality

In terms of their wide-array selections, Paradise Seeds have pa pretty solid varieties to choose from. However, they only offer feminized and Autoflowering seeds. So, if you are looking for regular seeds, then you might have to settle for another seed bank. Moreover, they are very popular in terms of quality and products.

Paradise Seeds have been growing Marijuana since the Early 80s during their infancy stage. Through the 1980s up to this very day, they have continued to improve the overall quality of their strains. This Company has won over 25 Cannabis Cups since 1999, a feat not many seed banks could get. Also, Paradise Seeds was awarded for its very own Sensi Star strain as the Plant of the Year award back in 2003.

As of the year 2020, Paradise Seeds has a ton of high-quality seeds to show for. These topnotch quality strains are made of F1 cannabis strains that are carefully selected and bred under their banner by crossing stable strains.

Some of their very own high-quality selection includes Sensi Star, Jack White, Original Cheese, Californian Gold, Ice cream, and Lucid bolt, to name a few.

Customer Service

When it comes to Customer Service, Paradise Seeds made it known that whenever you want to try and access their website, be sure that it will respond to you quickly if you are to encounter any issues. Paradise Seeds offer several methods on how to contact them, either through their website, email, or through their phone number. Whichever method you are going to go, they are quite fast and highly-reliable when it comes to immediate customer care.

Website Usability

Paradise Seeds website is quite impressive, to say the least. Everything is well organized and categorized. Their very own website is straightforward, and you can easily navigate your way through everything. The categories make it easier to distinguish, which is which. They also provide a search engine that makes a whole lot easier when you are looking for specific strains. Nonetheless, a good experience indeed.

Payment Options

You can find great deals on cannabis seeds on their website. However, there some seeds that are quite expensive. Their prices vary from strain to strain, which is typical among seedbanks. Whatever your budget is, you’ll find lots of deals that are good for your budget.

Just like other Seed bank payment options, Paradise Seeds accepts a wide variety of payment methods, from bitcoin, credit cards, wire transfer, GiroPay, iDeal, sofort, as well as other types of cryptocurrencies.

Paradise Seeds is quite versatile and well-rounded when it comes to their payment methods. One drawback with regards to their payment option is not accepting credit cards from Non-EU customers. Overall, their payment methods are well-versed for everyone and are highly recommendable.

Shipping and Stealth

The only major drawback of Paradise Seeds is they do not ship through the US. However, for customers outside of the US, the shipping rates, service, and selections are truly wonderful. If you are capable of spending 100 euros or more, you will be entitled to free shipping as long as you live within Europe. And for those people living outside of Europe, you can avail of free shipping you are willing to spend 200 euros or more.

Also, if you need those products to be delivered discreetly, Paradise Seeds offers those types of packaging. Expect that your marijuana seeds are well-packaged with a crush-proof feature. You can always ask their customer service if you have other details when getting your seeds delivered.


Paradise Seeds has been in the business for quite some time now, and they aren’t even stopping! Breeding and selling high-quality seeds are one of their ways thanking people for decades now. Most people don’t have a hard time with regard to their websites, payment methods, and shipping methods.

Lastly, if you are new to the world of Cannabis and is seeking to find their very first cannabis experience, then Paradise is more than willing to offer their top-notch varieties for you. Selling top-of-the-line Marijuana since 1994!

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