Original Seed Store Review

Original Seed Store Review

The Original Seed Store is a reputable cannabis seed bank that has been serving the cannabis community for years. With a diverse selection of high-quality cannabis seeds and a commitment to customer satisfaction, the Original Seed Store has earned a solid reputation among growers and enthusiasts alike. This article will provide an in-depth review of the Original Seed Store, examining its product offerings, customer service, and overall shopping experience.

Product Offerings

One of the key strengths of the Original Seed Store is its extensive range of cannabis seeds. The seed bank offers a wide variety of strains, including popular favorites such as Blue Dream, Girl Scout Cookies, and OG Kush, as well as rare and exotic strains that are harder to find. The seeds are sourced from reputable breeders, ensuring high-quality genetics and optimal growing results.

In addition to its impressive selection of strains, the Original Seed Store also offers seeds in various formats, including feminized, autoflowering, and regular seeds. This variety caters to the diverse needs and preferences of growers, allowing them to choose seeds that best suit their specific growing conditions and desired outcomes.

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Customer Service

The Original Seed Store prides itself on providing exceptional customer service. The company’s knowledgeable and friendly staff are readily available to assist customers with any questions or concerns they may have. This commitment to customer satisfaction is evident in the numerous positive reviews and testimonials the seed bank has received from satisfied customers.

The Original Seed Store also offers a variety of educational resources, including growing guides and articles on various aspects of cannabis cultivation. These resources are valuable for both novice and experienced growers, providing helpful tips and insights to ensure successful growing experiences.

Shipping and Payment Options

The Original Seed Store offers discreet and secure shipping worldwide, ensuring that customers receive their seeds safely and promptly. The seed bank also provides a variety of payment options, including credit cards, bank transfers, and cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin. This flexibility in payment options makes it convenient for customers to complete their purchases.

Guarantees and Refund Policy

The Original Seed Store stands behind the quality of its seeds and offers a germination guarantee for its products. If customers experience issues with germination, the seed bank will replace the seeds at no additional cost. This guarantee demonstrates the company’s confidence in its products and its commitment to customer satisfaction.

In addition to the germination guarantee, the Original Seed Store also offers a refund policy for customers who are not satisfied with their purchase. Customers can return unopened seed packages within a specified time frame for a full refund, providing peace of mind and assurance of the quality of the products.


In conclusion, the Original Seed Store is a reliable and reputable cannabis seed bank that offers a diverse selection of high-quality seeds, exceptional customer service, and a commitment to customer satisfaction. With its extensive product offerings, educational resources, and guarantees, the Original Seed Store is an excellent choice for growers and enthusiasts seeking top-notch cannabis seeds. Whether you are a novice grower or an experienced cultivator, the Original Seed Store is a trusted source for all your cannabis seed needs.

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