Mazar Cannabis Strain Review

Mazar Cannabis Strain Review

Mazar is also included among the old school classics which are still considered popular down to this day. It was first introduced in the 1980s, as a combination of Skunk #1 together with a highly potent Afghan strain. The mother of this strain is a pure Indica Afghani type that grows similar to a Christmas tree, bearing buds that are very resinous. As it got crossed with the best hybrid table strain, Skunk #1, it resulted in a strain that produced uniform plants, giving off a better taste and even larger amounts of harvest.

As it became an immediate hit within the cannabis industry, Mazar was eventually enhanced further to come up with a stronger lineage for its genetics back in 1997. The very fact that this legend of a strain remains its reputation until now is an unquestionable proof of its overall quality. Mazar was named after one of the largest producing regions of hash in the world, the Mazar-i- Sharif region in the Northern part of Afghanistan. As you may imagine, this strain proves true to its own name, greatly suitable for the production of hash.

Distinct Qualities

Mazar is found to have an interesting combination of sweet and earthy aroma and taste. As such, it brings forth some hints of citrus and pine flavors. This is a flavor that is a trademark of Afghan strains, which will be undoubtedly enjoyed by any hash lover. Since it also has some percentage of indica, it mainly produces physical effects, which are both relaxing and easing to the feeling. At the same time, it also gives off a meditative and calm cerebral high.

Information for Growers

When talking about growing and cultivating Mazar, growers will certainly feel surprised upon knowing that this strain is fairly easy to grow. It is quite resilient, with a touch of being tough. As such, it is very appealing even to novice growers who are not yet so confident with their growing skills. It grows like that of a Christmas tree, short, yet showing some strong side branching. This can further help in producing a huge harvest. Growers can expect this strain t go through a flowering time of about 9 weeks, after which it will produce generous yields of sticky, huge buds.

At the same time, the resilience offered by this strain provides benefits to those who are skilled in growing cannabis, most particularly those who are searching further to improve or learn new techniques in advanced growing. This type of flexibility can simply mean that you have the freedom to experiment without worrying too much about overstressing your plants. Overall, you can expect to grow plants that reach up to 50-60 cm, with thick, long, and resinous colas, with some smaller, side buds. It also produces some favorable calyx-to-leaf ration, providing fat calyxes together with some moderate amounts, with everything completely frosted with resin. The smell of the buds is also very tangy and sweet, which may yield up to 23 to 28 grams per plant.

Medical Qualities

As you may imagine the capabilities of this strain, this seems well-suitable for use especially if you are not planning to do anything productive, such as when you are planning to relax at the end of the day, or when you just want to sit down and listen to good music. Most notable is its THC content level of 20%, which means that it is very potent. This is also known to excel in providing relief to pain, and pain-related conditions. Also, since the potency of this strain is strong enough, it can also prove to be very helpful when it comes to providing relief against depression, anxiety, nausea, as well as headaches. Other conditions in which this strain may also prove valuable include mild opiate withdrawals, as well as appetite loss.

Bottom Line

Despite the fact that it is an old, “classic” strain, Mazar is still very potent and quite popular. It provides an amazing body and minds high, well combined with its amazing growing traits, with its capability to produce high quality, world-class plants that are extremely pleasant to grow. Even though seasoned smokers may get away with typical, daytime use, casual users may find it Stoney for a standard day. Among the things that you can expect as a result of smoking Mazar is the feeling of dreaminess. As such, this strain is highly recommended for use during nighttime, perfect when you are not looking at finishing anything urgent. The good news is that, even though it may encourage a heavy couch-lock, it still gives you that uplifting high, which is perfect if you are feeling down. If you are interested in growing a classic that still matches the hybrids of today, Mazar may actually turn out to be a good option for you.

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