Mail Order Weed Vs. Local Dispensary

Mail Order Weed Vs. Local Dispensary

Are you planning to purchase marijuana? Are you confused about where to buy? Are you considering a mail order or purchasing online? The best answer would be finding the best deal. However, before you purchase, it is important that you know your lifestyle and choice.

Cannabis usage, laws, and regulations have undergone changes. These include where, how, and consumption method. With mail orders and local dispensaries, consumers can now have access to cannabis. Local delivery is an old fashioned way used for lots of years while mail orders have different factors to be considered too.

Comparing Online Weed and Local Weed Dispensary

Local Weed Dispensary

What to Expect:

  • Always take your ID with you. If you have a recommendation, it has to be valid. Hand in your ID with the recommendation.
  • Don’t be hesitant to ask the budtender about the strain that would fit your symptoms, mood, or conditions. Beforehand, you should have checked their menu pages so you will not end up just looking at the menu, not having any idea of what to buy.
  • Waiting is standard in any market. Dispensaries are required to attend to one patient, so take a seat first and wait. While waiting, you can check the menu and think of what to buy.
  • Ask your budtender about the strain. They know a lot about the products. Take this chance for all your queries to be answered.
  • Take enough money for your purchase. Some stores accept ATM, though, but you have to check first if the store accepts cash or ATM to make your shopping smooth.
  • If you are not sure about the product, you are not forced to buy and waste your money. Express your thoughts and let them know if you are not interested in buying. You don’t have to please the budtender.

What You Need to Know:

  • When it comes to local weed dispensaries, buyers get their products very fast. Although they make buyers wait to answer, clients are assured of fast product delivery. As soon as the product arrives, you should get out of your house and meet the guy outside. If not, you can let the car pull over your house. Then, you get in the car, drive around, and get back home. It sounds okay, but it is quite a stressful delivery.
  • One good thing about local weed dispensary is your chance to check the quality of your order. You can touch, smell, and see before you buy it.  Ask the budtender and shoppers too. This is a big plus point for this method of delivery.
  • Knowing the strain could be impossible even though you are informed. Despite that, you should trust the person still. No matter how good you are at the smell, feel, and look. Having limited information could be a disadvantage. If you don’t have enough knowledge, you can do a research about it.
  • In a local dispensary, you tend to get limited varieties, but at times you get variations if you are lucky.
  • You get limited reviews. Of course, budtenders just tell positive things.

Mail Order Weed

What to Expect:

  • This method is simply buying weed online. It doesn’t limit to buds but concentrates, topical and edibles too, and a whole lot more. purchasing this way is very similar to how you purchase a pair of shoes. Steps start with finding an online shop, browsing the product, adding to your cart then purchasing.
  • With this method, you have to use an e-transfer. For the reason that banks, as well as credit card processors, don’t accept cannabis as a product. The process is simple, though.


a. Sign in to your phone’s financial institution banking.

b. Find the option. Send money.

c. Choose the account where the money will be withdrawn.

d. Fill out the information.

e. Choose the amount of money.

f. Wait for the confirmation.

g. Wait for the package to be delivered.

What You Need to Know:

  • The delivery time takes 2 days only usually. Then, you should pay attention to the stash and purchase dates as well as the time of the day and time zone based on your location. If you have another time zone, you should know their shipment time. 
  • Your ordered product will be at your mailbox or door directly. Your discreet package will be at your doorstep. If your order is too big that it doesn’t fit your box and you are not at home as soon as it is delivered, then your package will be at the local post office.
  • Unlike local delivery, mail order does not let you smell or check your purchase. Therefore, you don’t make a cannabis choice according to your sense. Nonetheless, with technology, companies give you a great photo of the product giving you an idea about the product. They give a clear description of the quality of the bud and strain.
  • If you don’t have any information about the product, the site will help you since they include detailed descriptions of the product as well as the THC percentage and the effects.
  • With mail-order, you get a wide choice of products to form edibles, accessories, concentrates, and more. This is one big advantage of this method.
  • Online products are more affordable, including the tax and shipping fees. Customers are often satisfied when using the mail ordering method.
  • You get honest reviews and opinions about the product. With that, you will know if you should buy the product or not or find another online shop instead.
  • It gives the convenience of shopping. That means no waiting or paperwork and waiting. Just wait for your package to be delivered.


Today, consumers have options when buying their weed, including mail order and local weed dispensaries. Have you decided where to purchase? Perhaps, you might want to purchase at a local dispensary. If you want quick delivery, going to your local dispensary is a good choice. Mail-order weed is a good option too, especially if you are too busy or too stoned to go out of your house and go to your local dispensary. 

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