Losing Weight with Marijuana

Losing Weight with Marijuana – A Good Diet?

“Marijuana diet” is a term that may sound ironic, given the notorious side effect that weed gives to its smokers.  However, according to individual studies, those who use marijuana on a regular basis have 16% lower insulin levels. Insulin serves as the primary vessel with which glucose or sugar can easily pass through the cell walls, converting them to energy. This means that if the production of the chemical compound insulin turns out to be high, too much sugar/glucose will be absorbed by the body, thus resulting in fatigue, while low production of insulin may also result to damage to the arteries since glucose has the tendency to build-up.

The use of cannabis has the tendency to regulate this process by means of promoting absorption of glucose, thus increasing the levels of the so-called “good cholesterol”, and at the same time enhancing the overall metabolic function of the body. Some experts suggest that people who are considered obese tend to be so because this process also triggers the reward center of our brain, the nucleus accumbens. Since smoking cannabis can give you a different high, the attention of your body is diverted from focusing on eating food.

The Best Strain for Weight Loss

Then again, not all marijuana strains are perfect for weight loss. Simply put, not all weed can give you that skinny body. It is also very important to keep in mind that consuming huge calorie amounts without effectively burning them off will not help you in losing weight, regardless of the amount of cannabis that you smoke. As a matter of fact, if you are not careful, there are also certain strains that will make you want to eat more.

On the other hand, there are particular types of strains, especially those landrace strains coming from both East and South Africa, that have been shown to have the capability to suppress appetite since they contain a specific compound known as the THCV. This particular cannabinoid is an antagonist of both receptors CB1 and CB2. This means that it can block THC, thus keeping you well from getting high, and in getting the right munchies. This produces the same psychoactive effect as that of THC. It also tends to be more quickly effective, but you can expect that the high is shorter-lived, which is also the same reason why they are bred out of different strains. In order to choose strains that come with a higher amount of THCV, you can ask first your budtender in order to prepare for you these appetite-suppressing and popular strains.

Popular Weight Loss Strains

The following are some of the recommended strains that are good for weight loss:

Super Silver Haze

This strain is a hybrid of Haze, Skunk #1 and Northern Lights. It is considered a strain that is Sativa dominant. Still, it shows the indica qualities coming from one of its parent strain, the Northern Lights. It produces a long-lasting buzz combined with a cognitive, clear-headed high. Despite being categorized as mainly sativa, its indica qualities also show a few hours after. If you want to use Super Silver Haze to your diet, it is highly recommended to stay active all throughout your high in order to retain motivation.

Durban Poison

This strain is very popular in South Africa. As a sativa strain, it offers an earthy, sweet flavor, with a smooth smoke, resulting in great energy levels. This strain is the best option that can certainly keep you active and right on track. It is often known to promote higher levels of anxiety. If this is an issue with you, you may want to try combining this strain together with a milder indica strain, or simply chew some peppercorns just in case these anxiety attacks happen.

Incorporating Marijuana for Weight Loss

Even though cannabis may be known to help in reducing the build-up of plaque in the arteries and improve the capability of your body when it comes to glucose absorption, if you see an excess of fats and sugars in your diet, weight gain is an assurance. In order to experience the advantages of a marijuana diet, you still have to combine it together with the right diet, lifestyle, and of course, exercise.

As you get rid of salty, fatty, and overly sweet food, you are now on your way towards weight loss. If you focus on consuming healthy food, such as grains and vegetables, you will be prepared better for your munchies. Indeed, weight loss is a challenging endeavor. You may be able to start easily, but continuing the process and sustaining it may be difficult. However, with the right mindset, the goal is attainable.

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