L.A. Vanilla Cake Auto Cannabis Strain

L.A. Vanilla Cake Auto Cannabis Strain

L.A. Vanilla Cake Auto is an automatic flowering cannabis strain can be grown both indoors and outdoors. This hybrid was created by crossing Ice Cream Cake x Wedding Cake Auto. It is a high-yield auto-flowering plant that has been brought upon by its feminized sibling.

The smell of this strain is sweet with hints of vanilla and cream. The taste is a sweet vanilla cake flavor, which makes it great for those who like their dessert with a hint of sweetness to it!

This strain will give you an energetic buzz that will last for several hours, making it great for daytime use or those who want to relax after work before going out for the night!

This variety is good for those with high tolerances because it has fairly high THC levels at over 17%. These plants typically produce 500-600g/m2 indoors or 110-250g/plant outdoors when grown in soil or coco coir with proper care.

Strain Appearance and Specification

Strain CharacteristicsL.A. Vanilla Cake Auto
BreederSilent Seeds
Strain TypeAuto-flowering Cannabis
Sativa Percentage25%
Indica Percentage75%
Plant Genetics Ice Cream Cake x Wedding Cake Auto
THC Amount17%-20%
Flowering Time12-13 weeks
Overall HeightHigh
Yields IndoorHigh
Yields OutdoorHigh
Smell, Aroma & TasteEarthy, Creamy Vanilla, Fruity, and Spicy
Harvest Time Outdoors12-13 weeks
Positive EffectsRelaxing, focused, uplifted
Side EffectsDry mouth, dry eyes, dizzy

Where To Buy L.A. Vanilla Cake Auto Cannabis Strain Online?

L.A. Vanilla Cake Auto Auto-flowering cannabis seeds. The seeds is only available as feminized at this time. It’s a cross between the two popular strains Ice Cream Cake and Wedding Cake Auto, which is why it has a potent and earthy, creamy vanilla flavor.

If you’re looking to buy L.A. Vanilla Cake Auto cannabis seeds, you’ll want to do your research before choosing where to buy it from. ILGM and Seedsman are two reliable seed banks that carry this strain, and they both offer excellent customer support if you have any questions about growing or using this seed.

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Growing L.A. Vanilla Cake Auto Strain

If you want to grow a delicious and potent strain, then the Growing L.A. Vanilla Cake Auto Strain is for you! This strain grows best in a warm, humid environment that has good ventilation with organic fertilizers. When watering, use small amounts of water since this strain loves to stay moist. At least 18 hours of light daily is necessary to produce quality buds.

If you’re growing outdoors toward the end of the season, harvest your crop while it’s still tender and flavorful so you can enjoy fresh buds all year long!

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