Krazy Glue vs Super Glue Strain

Krazy Glue vs Super Glue Strain

Two very prominent strains Krazy Glue vs Super Glue Strains are now up for comparison. Both strains came from popular and powerful parents and have an almost equal percentage of indica and sativa genetics. Krazy Glue is also called Crazy Glue made by The Bank. This strain carries one of the highest THC levels measuring anywhere from 15 to 44.50%! Meanwhile, Super Glue Strain also has very high THC but not as mind-boggling as Krazy Glue. Both strains offer almost similar effects and may be used as a recreational or medicinal strain.

We have a side by side comparison of Krazy Glue vs Super Glue Strain to help you choose the best when it comes to flowering time, growing, amount of yield, and more.

Strain CharacteristicsKrazy GlueSuper Glue Strain
Sativa Percentage50%40%
Indica Percentage50%60%
Plant GeneticsGorilla Glue x Bubba KushAfghani x Northern Lights
THC Amount15 to 44.50%18 to 23%
CBD Amount1.00%0.42%
Flowering Time56 to 70 days9 to 10 weeks
Overall HeightMediumMedium
Smell, Aroma & TasteLemon, earthy, sageSweet, woody, citrusy, pine, earthy, and pungent
Yields IndoorMedium14 to 18 ounces per square meter
Yields OutdoorMedium14 to 22 ounces per plant
Harvest Time OutdoorsMiddle of OctoberFinal weeks of October
Growing DifficultyModerateHard, needs an experienced hand
Similar Weed StrainsGorilla Glue #5, Donkey Butter, Sunset, Mendo Breath andCheetah Piss, Platinum Bubba Kush, Grandmaster Kush, Gorilla Cookies
Positive EffectsHappy, euphoric, calm, and sleepyRelaxing, happy, focused, uplifting, and euphoria
Side EffectsDry mouth, dry eyes, arousal, and dizzinessDry mouth, dry eyes, dizziness, paranoia, and anxiety
Medical EffectsPain, muscle spasms, back pains, stress, and insomniaStress, insomnia, poor appetite, depression, and pain


In the comparison of Krazy Glue vs Super Glue strain, you can easily see that the balanced hybrid is easier to cultivate and has a higher THC amount. Meanwhile, Super Glue Strain takes longer to bloom and has a lower THC. This strain is meant for experienced growers only. Overall, both strains are capable of producing euphoric, happy, and medicinal effects.

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