Kali Grow Shop Review

Kali Grow Shop Review

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Knowing where you can find good quality seeds as well as essentials when it comes to consuming the green medication, is always a huge plus.

Even though not all companies can be found on the Internet, it is great to be acquainted with the location of their stores.

Check out the review of Kali Growshop we have compiled for you.

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What you Need to Know about Kali Growshop

Kali Growshop is located in Sicilia, Italy.

The shop is small and the assortment of seeds available is also scarce; however, the seeds available in stock are of good quality.

The company also offers paraphernalia as well as bongs and pipes as part of their products’ selection.

The address where Kali Growshop is based is Via cavour 31 90133 Palermo Sicilia Italia.

Although the company has no website of their own, you can contact the team via the phone number or email.

We are a bit disappointed that Kali Growshop is not available on social media.

However, we do appreciate the quiet location of the grow shop, as well as the fact that we can get to find quality products as part of their selection.

Kali Growshop has been an official distributor for Dinafem seeds when it comes to the Southern regions of Italy for many years.

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