Jack Horror Cannabis Strain Review

Jack Horror Cannabis Strain Review

The Jack Horror strain was initially developed by Nirvana, was released back in the mid-1980s, and became popular really fast. This hybrid is a combination of Northern Lights as its father, and Haze 19 as its mother.  Haze 19 is a cross between Skunk #1. Jack Horror has a lineage that has been modeled based on the Jack Herer strain, which also possibly started with a cross of Male Northern Lights #5 and Shiva Skunk, which was then combined with a Haze for its mother plant. Similar to Jack Herer, the Jock Horror strain is considered a Sativa-dominant strain. It is very distinct because of its fruity taste, which mainly produces cerebral effects.

Distinct Qualities

This strain is quite known because it produces strong skunk aromas which easily linger in the growing area. At the same time, its skunk and pepper mix can be somewhat overwhelming for some people, which is considered a heaven for others. Jack Horror offers a typical Sativa high, which is known to be intellectually stimulating, and at the same time appropriate socially. As such, it offers convenient motivation, as well as a carefree attitude when it comes to enjoying an entire night of having fun, dancing, as well as hanging out with your friends.

With a high 24% THC level, Jock Horror produces strong psychoactive effects which can also be characterized as being exhilarating, making it perfect for use during daytime. It may also be described as the strain which is best if you want to be creative, as it is also thought-provoking. It is usually prescribed to medical marijuana patients who are suffering from issues such as fatigue, depression, and anxiety.

Information for Growers

A lot of marijuana growers have been successful in cultivating Jock Horror in indoor environments. However, new growers are not really advised to attempt trying out this strain in an indoor environment because it has the tendency to grow really tall. At the same time, it also produces a really powerful skunk smell, which may easily attract the attention of other people.

In an outdoor environment, however, Jock Horror may reach up to 10 to 15 feet. It has been recommended by Nirvana that this strain be grown in organic soil. It may take up to 11 weeks before it becomes ready for harvesting. At the same time, this strain may also finish in about as little as nine, and are typically ready around October. It also works well using the Sea of Green method as it is expected to produce about 500 grams per square meter yield. The SOG method is well-preferred because this strain does not really branch out naturally. However, it should also be noted that this strain produces branches that are long.

The Jock Horror plant can grow with a typical Pine tree shape and medium thin leaves with dense buds that spread out with its extended calyxes. As such, it arches in a way that produces a creative lady-like cylinder. This strain loves a growing room that is stable and reliable.

Medical Qualities

As a medical marijuana strain, Jock Horror is perfect for those who are dealing with issues such as anxiety, depression, insomnia, pain, and nausea. Since it produces effects such as being euphoric, relaxed, cotton-mouthed, and creative, it is best for daytime use. It is perfect for individuals who want to be creative during the entire day, rather than relaxing in a couch-lock session.

As a Sativa dominant strain, you can certainly expect to experience the effects that are very common among strains under this category. It is stimulating intellectually, perfect if you want to socialize appropriately. It can certainly give users that motivation that is carefree, yet convenient. While it is perfect for productive, daytime use, it is also good for an entire night of dancing and having fun with friends.

Bottom Line

Overall, the Jock Horror strain is perfect for both actual users and growers. For users, it can give them a really productive high, which makes them really energetic without having to experience anxiety. It also produces a refreshed clear head along with an energized body. As such, this is perfect if you want to have stuff done.

At the same time, marijuana growers find it quite convenient to grow, especially in outdoor environments. Just a note, though, this can really produce a scary smell, which may not be good if you are growing discreetly. At the same time, this may also not be very good for beginners with indoor growing, as it has the tendency to grow really tall. However, with the right techniques, and experience in growing, there is no problem growing the Jock Horror strain. It is often considered a lazy marijuana strain, which finishes really strong, giving a thought-provoking feel.

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