Jack Herer Cannabis Strain Review

Jack Herer Cannabis Strain Review

Jack Herer is well-loved because of its outstanding production of resin. It also produces an immediate and uplifting high, with sweet, sharp, and candy-like flavors. Most probably, this strain was named after the most beloved and famous marijuana grower of all time, Jack Herer. This strain has also achieved legendary status, ensuring that it will be remembered by marijuana enthusiasts all over the world.

As included among the most awarded strains in the world, it has ultimately become a staple among growers and smokers alike and is also regarded as one of the high-quality hybrids out there. This strain was initially released officially back in 1994, yet its lineage was not exposed. It has been agreed commonly, however, that it is a combination of Skunk #1 and Northern Lights #5. The resulting strain was crossed with a pure Haze, thus the birth of the Jack Herer.

Distinct Qualities

The overall appearance of this strain is quite typical as a strain that is Sativa dominant. It comes with rich, dark green leaves which are large, yet jagged and slender. The flowers also show traits that are associated commonly with both Haze and Skunk #1, with its lower than average leaf-to-calyx ratio, as well as a bud structure that comes with a greater surface area that consists of elongated calyx clusters that are referred to commonly as “foxtails”. At this point, you will not yet notice Northern Lights #5’s contribution until you tasted it.

The aroma of this strain is as diverse and complex as its actual lineage. As a matter of fact, by just rubbing a plant earlier into the flowering phase, you can detect a lemon cleaner and cedarwood aroma filling the room, highly reminiscent of the Northern Lights #5. As the strain’s flowers continue to develop and ripen, the smell also adds some layers of pungent spice from skunk, with the medicine-like, effervescent smell coming from its haze lineage.

When it is grown to its maximum potential and flushed accordingly, all of the smell seamlessly transfers to one of the most identifiable and uniquely satisfying flavor mixtures created ever. In fact, on your first draw, you will start to identify the complex flavors within. Exhaling it will also enable you to enjoy the haze’s lingering taste of lemon cleaner. With all of these features and characteristics, there is no wonder why Jack Herer made it to the elite list of strains.

Information for Growers

Growers also report that Jack Herer is moderately easy to grow a plant. It has the tendency to become branchy, and is a fast grower which loves topping earlier, with a tendency to stretch within the first two weeks into the flowering phase. These characteristics, together with its potential to yield heavy produce make it a great strain with the use of the Screen of Green (SCROG) method. If the growing conditions are simply optimal, and everything else is executed properly, you can definitely expect an average yield of at least one pound per 4×4 area.

A lot of growers observe that this strain produces oily buds which are completely filled, literally dripping with resin. For this reason, Jack Herer is among those strains that are chosen to produce highly delicious concentrates. Of course, if you are planning to grow this strain, you can expect to be running buds mostly. However, with its low leaf to calyx ration, you are also assured that the plants are quite easy to manicure and trim during harvest time.

Indoor hydro growing is expected to yield positive results. On the other hand, soil-grown Jack Herer outdoors prefer a dry climate with a lot of time to flower fully. These conditions will yield maximum results. Harvesting time means seeing skunky, frosty, hazy, and peppered nuggets, especially if you give them space to stretch out properly.

Medical Qualities

Smokers of Jack Herer typically describe its overall effects as uplifting, euphoric, cheerful, and thought-provoking. These results make it a favorite among medical marijuana users. It has the capability to relieve certain medical conditions such as depression, anxiety, and muscle pain. It has also been proven effective in providing relief to ADHD, ADD, chronic pain, nausea, migraines, and stress. It is equipped with an average of 18% THC content level, making it a perfect choice for smoking daytime. However, it is also best for evening use as it can put you on the couch easily if you smoke enough.

Bottom Line

All in all, there are several reasons why Jack Herer can be considered a highly desirable strain. It seems to offer a little bit of something to everyone, thereby locking the status of a classic strain among connoisseurs, growers, and practically all users everywhere. This amazing hybrid is set to hold its position in the elite list in the cannabis industry, even for several years to come.

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