Is Weed Legal In Sweden?

Is Weed Legal In Sweden?

Contrary to popular belief, cannabis is legal in Sweden, but only for medical purposes. Sweden has maintained strict cannabis laws compared to other European countries. However, recent events like the inaugural Stockholm Medical Cannabis Conference (SMCC 2022) indicate a potential shift in attitude.

An Introduction to Sweden

Sweden, a Scandinavian country in Northern Europe, is known for its vast forests, inland lakes, and coastal islands. With a developed economy, Sweden maintains diplomatic ties with countries worldwide and is a net exporter. Interestingly, Sweden even imports waste from neighboring Norway!

Medical Cannabis in Sweden: The Current Situation

Medical cannabis was legalized in the country, but the program’s implementation has been slow. It took five years for the initial two Swedish patients to receive medical cannabis from Bedrocan, a Dutch medical cannabis provider. Today, medical cannabis is accessible in Sweden in the form of Sativex and Dronabinol. Though cannabis flower consumption is allowed for medicinal purposes, it can only be approved by the Swedish Medical Products Agency. The medical cannabis program continues to be quite restrictive, making it challenging for patients to acquire prescriptions.

Decriminalization of Cannabis in Sweden

Cannabis remains criminalized in Sweden. Possessing small amounts for personal use can lead to fines or up to six months of imprisonment. Possessing larger amounts can be considered a narcotic drug offense, punishable by up to three years of imprisonment.

Legality of Hemp in Sweden

Hemp is legal in Sweden, with industrial hemp (cannabis containing less than 0.3% THC under revised EU standards) being exempted from narcotic control laws.

CBD Legality in Sweden: A Closer Look

In Sweden, hemp-derived CBD is legal, provided the products contain absolutely no THC. In 2019, Sweden’s Supreme Court ruled on a case involving possession of hemp-derived CBD oil with an indeterminate THC concentration; the case was treated as possession of a controlled substance.

Growing Cannabis in Sweden: What’s the Verdict?

Cannabis cultivation remains illegal in Sweden, regardless of the intended use. Personal cultivation for medical purposes is considered a minor drug offense.

Will Recreational Cannabis Become Legal in Sweden?

Despite its strict cannabis laws, Sweden has a prominent illicit cannabis market. A 2014 report revealed that Sweden had a higher number of cannabis users than Portugal, which decriminalized cannabis in 2001. A 2021 study showed increasing discussions around cannabis legalization in Sweden, suggesting that it’s a question of when, rather than if, the country will move in that direction.

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