Is Weed Legal In Russia?

Is Weed Legal In Russia?

The topic of cannabis legalization has sparked global debates and discussions, with several countries cautiously embracing the prospects of medical and, in some cases, recreational cannabis use. When it comes to Russia, the legal status of cannabis remains unequivocal—cannabis is illegal. This article aims to shed light on cannabis regulations in Russia, subsequent legal consequences, and the potential prospects for medical use.

Cannabis Legality in Russia

Cannabis is strictly prohibited in Russia. The country enforces some of the most stringent drug laws globally, and the possession, sale, and use of cannabis attract severe legal consequences, including imprisonment.

Medical Cannabis in Russia

In Russia, medical cannabis use is illegal owing to its classification as a narcotic and psychoactive substance under List I. The government enforces thorough control over the circulation of substances belonging to this category.

However, Russia’s law does permit the conversion of List I drugs (including cannabis) into substances for medical or veterinary purposes, or as non-narcotic substances—but under specific conditions and regulations. This opportunity is available only to licensed government enterprises and not private companies.

Despite cannabis itself not being an approved medicine, government-licensed enterprises can process it as ‘raw material’ into other controlled substances with less restrictive regulations.

In a significant development in July 2019, Russia enacted a new law that partially legalized the cultivation of plants containing drugs for medical or veterinary purposes in the production of narcotic and psychoactive substances. However, cannabis was notably absent from the list of plants allowed for cultivation, contrary to initial expectations.

As things stand, patients still don’t have legal access to cannabis for medical use in Russia.

Cannabis for Recreational Use in Russia

Cannabis for recreational use remains illegal in Russia.

Several articles in the Russian Criminal Code delineate the penalties associated with unauthorized manufacturing, sale, or distribution of narcotic or psychotropic substances, their analogs, or plants containing such substances—including cannabis. Article 228.1 outlines criminal charges for such offenses.

Penalties vary based on factors like the volume or weight of the cannabis involved, whether the crime involved an individual or an organized criminal group, and other circumstances. Convicted individuals could face sentences ranging from eight to twenty years of imprisonment. In cases involving particularly large quantities (more than 10kg) or severe offenses, life imprisonment may apply.

Violations of specific regulations surrounding narcotics and psychotropic substances may also result in penalties outlined in Article 228.1 of the Russian Criminal Code. In the most severe instances, where such violations cause harm, individuals may face imprisonment of up to three years and disqualification for the same period.

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Russia’s stance on cannabis is clear: it is illegal, and its possession, sale, or use can result in severe legal consequences including imprisonment. Additionally, medical cannabis is not accessible to patients, and recreational use remains a punishable offense. As the debate on cannabis legalization rages worldwide, Russia’s laws epitomize the uncompromising approach to combating its circulation and consumption.

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