Is Weed Legal in Finland?

Is Weed Legal in Finland?

As the love for marijuana transcends borders, a common question arises among enthusiastic cannabis consumers: is weed legal in Finland? This comprehensive guide aims to explore Finland’s cannabis laws, outlining how this Nordic nation perceives and regulates marijuana use.

Finland, known for its sublime natural beauty, has a somewhat complex relationship with cannabis. Let’s delve deeper into this matter, offering an informative overview of the legality and the prospects of weed in Finland.

Cannabis Laws in Finland

Despite an increasing global trend towards the decriminalization and legalization of marijuana, Finland has been relatively conservative on this issue. The use, possession, cultivation, and sale of marijuana are illegal in Finland, governed by the Narcotics Act legislated in 2008.

When it comes to drug policy, Finland adopts a health-oriented stand, placing emphasis on preventative measures, treatment, and harm reduction. However, the country maintains a strict policy on drug violations encompassing cannabis, often leading to fines or imprisonment.

The legal implications vary depending on the crime committed. A drug use offense, like smoking cannabis, can result in fines or six months imprisonment. Drug possession and dealing offenses carry significantly harsher penalties, which can be up to two years of imprisonment for possession, and a maximum ten years for serious drug offenses.

However, it’s worth noting that authorities tend to focus mainly on dealing and trafficking, with user penalization often falling towards the lower end of the spectrum.

Medical Marijuana in Finland

In contrast to its stance on recreational marijuana, the Finnish government has been somewhat more accommodating when it comes to medical cannabis. In 2006, the country started the prescription of cannabis-based medicines for certain health conditions.

Finland’s National Agency for Medicines has the authority to grant licenses for using cannabis-based medicine. These licenses are often issued to patients suffering from severe illnesses such as cancer, spinal cord injuries, MS, and epilepsy when other treatments have proven ineffective.

That said, accessing medical marijuana in Finland is a strictly controlled process, necessitating a specialist’s prescription. Doctors prescribe Bedrocan products, the only pharmaceutical-grade cannabis available in Finland. The prescription is valid for one year, preventing long-term reliance, and must be renewed if the treatment proves successful and necessary for the patient’s condition.

CBD in Finland

Cannabidiol (CBD), the non-psychoactive compound found in cannabis, has become a popular therapeutic solution worldwide. In Finland, CBD’s legal status aligns with the EU legislation. CBD products are legal under two conditions: they must contain less than 0.2% THC, and they can’t be promoted with health claims.

This means CBD oils, creams, edibles, and other CBD-infused products are readily available for consumers. However, vendors should ensure their product labels strictly adhere to the law, omitting any explicit or implicit health claims. Violating these conditions can lead to penalties, including fines and criminal charges.

Buying Marijuana and Marijuana Seeds in Finland

Since both recreational marijuana and marijuana seeds are illegal in Finland, they aren’t available for sale in conventional store fronts or online. It’s essential to know that purchasing marijuana or seeds online, even from international websites that ship to Finland, is a violation of Finnish law and can result in legal repercussions.

Buying marijuana seeds in the black market also carries similar risks. The Finnish law doesn’t differentiate much between possession of marijuana for personal use and possession with intent to distribute, causing countless ordinary users to face potential penalties designed to target traffickers.

Illegal purchasing of marijuana or marijuana seeds should be avoided to not to risk the significant legal consequences.

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Growing Marijuana in Finland

Growing cannabis is also illegal in Finland, regardless of whether it’s for personal use or not. Those caught growing marijuana face punitive measures closely resembling those of drug possession, falling under the bracket of a drug offense or a serious narcotics offense, depending on the scale of cultivation.

Compared to southern European climates, Finland’s climate can be a hurdle to outdoor marijuana cultivation. The considerably shorter summer and fewer sunlight hours can lead to a poor harvest. However, indoor cultivation with controlled environments can help combat these climatic hurdles. Although practice of this is illegal in Finland, in regions where growing marijuana is legalized growers tend to opt for indoor cultivation.

Cannabis Activism and the Future of Weed in Finland

The significance of cannabis activism can’t be denied when discussing Finland’s marijuana scenario. Activists argue for the benefits of decriminalization and legalization, highlighting the medical benefits, economic potential, and harm reduction that could result from a regulated marijuana market.

Efforts towards legalization have been slow but gaining momentum. In 2019, a citizens’ initiative calling for the decriminalization of cannabis use collected more than 50,000 signatures, enough to warrant a debate in parliament. The initiative proposed fines instead of criminal prosecutions for those caught using or possessing small quantities of cannabis.

While this collective effort did not immediately amend the existing laws, it marked a significant shift in public perception and created a catalyst for necessary conversation about cannabis legislation in Finland.

The future of marijuana remains uncertain in Finland, and a significant shift in policy will likely take some time. Keeping up-to-date on changes or any new developments in the legal landscape is crucial.


In conclusion, marijuana is currently illegal in Finland, be it for recreational use or cultivation. The country’s approach to medical marijuana and CBD products is slightly more liberal, but the process of obtaining them legally is replete with control and restrictions.

Despite calls from activists and growing public support for reform, the Finnish government has so far maintained its conservative stance on marijuana use. But as the global trend moves towards less stringent cannabis laws, one cannot entirely rule out the possibility of future changes in Finland’s marijuana policies.

Until then, it’s essential to respect Finland’s existing laws and regulations for cannabis use, possession, and cultivation. The risks attached to non-compliance aren’t insignificant and include potential fines and imprisonment. To all those interested in the cannabis scene in Finland – stay informed, stay safe, understand the potential legal consequences and navigate accordingly.

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