Is Weed Legal in Boston?

Is Weed Legal in Boston?

If you’re a regular cannabis user and you’re visiting Massachusetts, you may have asked “Is weed legal in Boston?” The simple answer is YES. Cannabis use is legal in Massachusetts however, there are certain rules you must follow to fully enjoy this drug.

General marijuana rules in Massachusetts

Whether you’re a resident or a tourist, you must abide by the following rules when it comes to weed use in the state.

You must be at least 21 years or older to consume cannabis. This is the age of maturity in the state and it’s also the legal age to consume alcohol. However, you cannot consume cannabis in any form such as vaping, smoking, or eating edibles in public and also on federal land.

You may possess up to an ounce of cannabis and up to 10 ounces of weed in your home. You may be allowed to take an ounce of cannabis as you commute or travel within the state. You can have an ounce of cannabis in your vehicle.

Cultivating cannabis

Cannabis use, possession, and cultivation are legal in Massachusetts. You can buy cannabis seeds and cultivate up to 6 plants inside your home. Up to 6 plants are allowed for 2 or more people.

You are allowed to cultivate cannabis but you need to secure your plants in a safe area. If you live in an apartment building or inside a condominium unit, you must consult your building manager or owner when it comes to rules regarding cannabis growing.

If you’re growing cannabis outdoors, you should secure your plants well. Install a fence to protect your plants and keep these under lock and key. You must also be considerate of children or young people if you live near a school, playground, or park.

Landlords, employers, and towns are allowed to create their own rules regarding cannabis use and growing. You must check with them before you consume or cultivate cannabis.

Storing cannabis at home and in your vehicle

You can’t just keep your stash anywhere in Massachusetts. If you have an ounce or more at home, you should lock it up to keep it safe from children and pets. There are no specific containers to use but these should be well-sealed and stored in a safe area.

Storing cannabis in your car is also subject to strict rules. Open containers are not allowed in the passenger’s area as you drive on the road. You should place your stash inside a closed container and keep it inside your trunk or your glove compartment. Lock your stash up for safety.

In Massachusetts, cannabis second-hand smoke is also considered dangerous to people around you. Cannabis smoke contains most of the same chemicals and ingredients as tobacco smoke. You should never smoke cannabis in a room with children, babies, pregnant women, and the elderly.

Cannabis edibles

In Massachusetts, marijuana edibles are anything that has been made using THC, the psychoactive component of cannabis. You must keep marijuana edibles safe and away from children and pets at home.  Edibles are widely available in dispensaries and from online sites and thus, extra care is needed in storing and keeping these away from children and other family members who may mistake these for food.

Driving under the influence

You cannot drive while under the influence of cannabis in Massachusetts. If you have recently used cannabis, don’t drive. Take public transportation like taxis, or use a ride-share service instead. You may also ask the help of a sober friend to pick you up instead.

Medical cannabis use

Is weed legal in Boston? Recreational and medical cannabis is allowed in Massachusetts. Medical marijuana is regulated by the Medical Use of Marijuana Program. This program registers patients, caregivers, dispensaries, and agents. If you want to use medical cannabis in Boston or anywhere in Massachusetts, you must first register as a patient.

All the applications are reviewed and once you qualify, you will receive a Program ID card in the mail. This is sent 1 to 2 weeks after approval. You can only buy medical cannabis from authorized dispensaries after you have received your ID card.

How to register as a patient

Before you register as a patient under the Medical Use of Marijuana Program, you must have certification from a qualified doctor. You may ask your health care provider about certification for this program. After you receive certification, you will receive a PIN that will allow you to register for the program.

To register, you need to go online at the Medical Use of Marijuana Program Online System. Use your PIN and an accepted ID to register. Once your registration is approved, you may designate a personal caregiver to help you with access to medical marijuana. You may designate up to 2 caregivers who are not acting as a caregiver for other patients.

When you commute, drive or go to places with your medical cannabis, have your Program ID Card with you at all times.

Caregivers for patients who are under the Medical Use of Marijuana Program must also register online. As with patients, caregiver applications are also reviewed, and once approved, a Program ID card will be sent through the mail in 1 to 2 weeks.

Designated caregivers are provided with a PIN to register. They need this PIN and an acceptable ID to register. 

About synthetic cannabinoids

There are synthetic cannabinoids that are sold in the market branded as Spice, K2, Spike, and others. These are often sprayed on plants and can be in solid or liquid form. Synthetic cannabinoids are dangerous and may have more serious and fatal effects compared to marijuana. There is no information if this type of cannabis is prohibited in Massachusetts but it is cited in the responsible use of marijuana page of the site.

Is weed legal in Boston? Yes, it is legal to use marijuana in Boston but you must know rules and regulations about cannabis use, growing, and possession in Massachusetts if you’re a resident or a visitor. Stay updated on new guidelines whether you’re a recreational/personal use or medical cannabis user.

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