Is Purple Punch Strain Indica or Sativa?

Is Purple Punch Strain Indica or Sativa?

The uplifting and cerebrally-stimulating Purple Punch is one of the most popular strains. Many have wondered if the Purple Punch Kush strain is indica or sativa because of its impressive effects and awesome flavors.

Purple Punch Kush is a very rare, pure indica strain. No one knows who created this strain or how it first started, all is known is that it’s a cross between two very potent and powerful strains: a Granddaddy Purple and a Larry OG.

Purple Punch Kush high

The Purple Punch Kush is a delicious indica that will keep you mellow and relaxed because of its very uplifting high. It will first take over your senses as it fills your mouth, throat, and head with ad delicious sensation and, in just a few minutes, you’ll be captivated by a full body and mind relaxation. You’ll feel light, calm, euphoric, and a bit sleepy.

As the effects progress, you will feel very happy and very contented. You’ll soon be too tired to get up until you succumb to a nice, long nap. Many users say that this uplifting cerebral effect makes them relaxed but not totally sleepy. it makes them more thoughtful and open-minded. This is mainly because of its average THC content at just 17.75 to 22 percent.

The effects of Purple Punch Kush are not overpowering and will even help you focus on any work that needs to be done. Many use this strain at night before they go to bed. Its smooth and delicious strain will help you prepare for bed until you eventually fall asleep.

Purple Punch Kush flavors and smell

Remember that Purple Punch Kush was spawned from flavorful and very tasty parents. It has inherited its rich blueberry and grape flavors from its Granddaddy Purple parent and also comes with an unmistakable earthy flavor that captivates users.  If you’re looking for a truly delicious strain then this pure indica may be the one you’re looking for.

Purple Punch Kush medicinal effects

Is Purple Punch Kush strain indica or sativa? From this strain’s effects to its medicinal qualities, you can easily tell that it’s a true blue indica. It has a relaxing effect and therefore it is mostly used as a treatment for insomnia. It can help you to naturally fall asleep instead of using sleep medications that can only do more harm than good.

This strain is used to ease anxiety, depression, and stress because of its overall, effective relaxing effects. It is also good for all kinds of pain including headaches, lower back pains, joint pains, and migraines. It can ease inflammation and thus, it is useful in the relief of arthritis and fibromyalgia.

The amazing thing about using Purple Punch Kush strain to help with pain, anxiety, stress, and insomnia is that it does not come with dangerous side effects. It can ease symptoms naturally without affecting your overall health. If you want to use Purple Punch Kush as a medication, consult your doctor.

Purple Punch Kush side effects

Just like other cannabis strains, Purple Punch Kush has some mild unwanted effects. The two most common are dry eyes and cottonmouth or dry mouth which are due to an increase in THC levels in the body. High THC causes increase blood flow to the area and this can bring about dry and red eyes and a very dry mouth.

You may also experience dizziness and laziness which are common in indica strains. These side effects may be avoided by moderate use of this strain. If you experience other worse symptoms like increased heart rate, palpitations, or other extreme effects, stop taking this strain and consult your doctor.

Growing Purple Punch Kush strain

Have your supply of Purple Punch Kush by growing this strain at home. It is a pure indica and thus, won’t need a lot of space to cultivate it. This strain is a fast-flowering strain which means that it can produce buds in just 60 to 70 days.

This is a pure indica strain and thus, it is small but very branchy. This strain’s size makes it a good plant to grow indoors. It may not be easy to grow as it needs a moderately-skilled hand to cultivate but once you get a hand of cultivating this strain, you’ll grow fat buds with awesome trichomes. 

Is Purple Punch Kush strain indica or sativa? Purple Punch Kush is a pure indica, a strain that will make you relaxed, happy, and sleepy. it is a wonderful nighttime strain that will relax you and make you ready for deep and satisfying sleep. If you’re looking for a fantastic cerebral high, a delicious blueberry, earthy, and grape flavors, and natural treatments for pain, inflammation, stress, and anxiety, Purple Punch Kush strain could be the one for you.

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