Hydroponic vs Soil Weed Cultivation

Progressively, cannabis legalization has been soaring rapidly and unexpectedly, resulting in more people are grabbing the advantage of cultivating their cannabis plants either for personal or commercial purposes. However, the most common issue of cultivating weed, especially among beginners, is to decide on what kind of cultivating method to utilize.

Typically, the most common method in growing weed utilized by cannabis cultivators is hydroponic and soil. With these, we will tackle more on the process of hydroponic vs soil weed cultivation, and further comprehend the pros, cons, and growing operations of among the two. In this way,  inexperienced cultivators can choose which growing medium suits their preferences and skills.

Defining Hydroponic vs Soil Weed Cultivation

Soil Cultivation

The surface of the Earth has comprised of 30% soil and the majority of the plants thrive in soil. This has been transpiring for millions of years already, and due to this, the soil has acquired organic materials, minerals, and nutrients that are extremely tough to reproduce by other growing methods. Usually, many cannabis connoisseurs are more inclined to purchase weeds grown using outdoor soil medium.

Between hydroponic vs soil weed cultivation, the latter provide excellent drainage capacity that most growers dig for. Even additional nutrients are added to the soil like manure and worm casting to improve its quality and making sure the overall health of the soil is optimal. In this way, there is an assurance yield is maximizes and prevents a deficiency of nutrients.

Hydroponic Cultivation

One of the most common forms of growing medium is called a hydroponic system. Between hydroponic vs soil weed cultivation, the former is also been utilized by many growers as their option for cannabis farming. Technically, the roots of the plants are frequently in connection with the water-filled with nutrition. The nutrients added are only those essential to the plants that will provide them a boost in their development and gain abundant control of the output.

Comparing hydroponic vs soil weed cultivation, the former has numerous forms, including the Nutrient Film Technique, Aeroponics System, Drip System, Ebb and Flow, and Deep Water Culture.

Hydroponic vs Soil Weed Cultivation: Advantages and Disadvantages

Output and Production

In terms of output, hydroponic vs soil weed cultivation would prefer the latter mostly. Although both of the growing methods provide amazing output, soil cultivation provides a much favorable amount of yield because, in outdoor soil, the height of the plants is not restricted, and can freely thrive.

Using proper administration of care, cultivating in the soil can boost plants’ height up to two meters long and can produce buds up to 400 grams per plant. If growing in a hydroponic system, growing tall is not possible, resulting in a much lesser output and buds per plant.

Control and Management

When it comes to controlling, hydroponic vs soil weed cultivation, the former works better. Due to the nature of hydroponics, the grower can skillfully manipulate and control the nutrients, lighting, humidity, and temperature of the environment within the growing medium. You can provide the plants with the nutrients it requires specifically every growing stage, and deliver the most ideal lighting source and correct humidity it desires.

Whereas the soil cultivation, there is much less control over some elements of the growing area. Expect that there are changes in temperature, fluctuations of humidity, and the wind is unmanageable. Despite the expertise, these factors are hard to regulate and manage, and a grower cab only do is to adapt to the outdoor environment.

Moreover, between hydroponic vs soil weed cultivation, the latter is somewhat disadvantageous at some point. There are available bacteria and organic substances present in the soil that are sometimes unfavorable for the health of the plants. In this case, the identification of such phenomena can be hard to distinguish unless an apparent manifestation is exhibited.

Space and Method

Comparing hydroponic vs soil weed cultivation, the latter will take plenty of space when growing whereas the other can accommodate small spaces only. Although, the processes of soil cultivation are much easier than the hydroponics system, and the output of soil cultivation is much better in quality.

Pests and Infection

Comparing the hydroponic vs soil weed cultivation, there is much more trouble in cultivating using the latter due to the number of bugs, pests, and bacteria present in the soil. Most of the time, cannabis plants are prone to get attacked or infected by these unwanted substances. Whereas the hydroponically grown plants are less likely to experience getting infected or exposed to pests because the environment in hydroponic is controlled and no possible introduction of such substances unless brought up by the grower.

The only issue that hydroponic will encounter is a root problem. If the building of the setup was not done properly, it could lead to a disaster. Hence, it requires the proper following of the procedure and skilled works to pull it off correctly.

Cost and Maintenance

In terms of cost and maintenance, hydroponic vs soil weed cultivation, the former may take up a lot of expenses especially when building the growing setup up to the lat part of maintenance. When it comes to soil cultivation, the only cost and maintenance you will encounter is the replacement of the soil every after the cultivation cycle. It is needed because reusing soil may not benefit favorably the plants.

Harvesting Period

Between hydroponic vs soil weed cultivation, the latter is much slower when it comes to the growth rate. Typically, you need around 3 months maximum period for the vegetation to finish, while the flowering will last until 3 months. While in a hydroponic system, the plants are in constant connection with nutrients and oxygen, thus promoting a faster growth rate.

Leaving Period

Comparing hydroponic vs soil weed cultivation, both of the setup requires constant monitoring from growers, especially when they are beginners. However, when you are a skilled grower, there is less time you need to spend with the plants. Both of the growing systems, if done properly, can provide a stable and convenient environment for plants. Nonetheless, monitoring of pests infestation on soil medium and unexpected interruption of lights on the hydroponic medium is recommended to be checked day-to-day.

Final Words

There is a lot of aspects that hydroponic vs soil weed cultivation that differs and is related. Both of the growing systems provide nutritional and amazing growth and development of weed plants. Even in terms of the disadvantages of the plants, both of the growing systems differ considerably. Whatever form of cultivation process you decide on for your plants, expect that there will be issues to encounter if the building of the setup is not handled correctly.

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