How to Sex Marijuana Plants?

How to Sex Marijuana Plants?

Many of the marijuana growers still find it hard to determine what sex their plants are. This is one of the most annoying things about growing as you might be growing the wrong gender. Many of these growers do want their female cannabis plants from being fertilized. It is through this one that they are able to produce sensimillia buds. These are the buds that many want to have since they don’t contain any seeds and do have an ample amount of THC, especially during harvest time. Many growers also do remove the male plants out of their garden so once they are the ones that don’t produce much THC. These are all the reasons why one needs to determine the gender of their cannabis plant. Determining the sex of your plant will need attention to detail as well as quick action on your part as a grower. In this article, however, we will be talking about the many different ways on how you are able to determine the gender of your cannabis plant.

Consider the growth patterns

Open of the ways how you are able to determine the gender of your plant is to determine the growth pattern that they have. During the vegetative stage of your plant, it will be starting to flourish regardless of the sex that it has. You will see subtle changes though once the plant starts to age. This is where you are able to see differences in their size. There are some experienced growers that can even see the signs in the early stages of the plants and this will help them determine the sex. Once your plant will progress to the seedling stage then that is the time that you are able to see complex branching, especially on the female cannabis. This will continue until the vegetative state. Males of cannabis, on the other hand, will be slightly taller and less filled out. You need to remember that you don’t have to pull out yet at this real state. This will only give you an idea of what gender of cannabis you are growing. You need to remember though that plants that are grown inside using artificial light may not be able to manifest these tendencies.

Male plants there faster than females

This is one of the easy ways on how you are able to determine the gender of your cannabis plant. The male cannabis plant is the one that will reach sexual maturity faster than females. This can happen after two weeks. This is the reason why male plants tend to grow rapidly than females. Male plants can also manifest a false bud which is actually pollen sacs. The very reason why males tend to go taller so that the pollens that they have will just fall off to the smaller female plants and straight into their reproductive organs. You are able to see this one in both cannabis that is grown indoors and outdoors.

Female for pistils, male for flowers

You need to know that any marijuana plant can have flowers at some point in its development. One of the best ways to determine the gender of your plant is to know the presence of flowers or pistils. These two things are a good indicator of the sex of your marijuana plant. The false bud or pollen sacs will eventually fall up and form little flowers that can range from yellow to white in color. This is a good indication that you have a male plant as female plants will not be doing this. Female plants, on the other hand, will have hairy and white pistils. They are sticky enough to ensure that the pollen from the flowers will stick to them thus reproduction can happen. You need to remember that if you will wait until this stage of development of your plant then you might find it hard to get the sensimilla buds that you are after.  Regardless of that, you can still remove the male plants to make room for continued growth and cultivation of your female cannabis plants.

Clone plant to determine their sex

This is one process to ensure that you will really know the gender that your plants have. You are able to determine the sex of your plants before they reach maturity once you are able to do this one. What you need to do is to have a cutting of a number of the plant that you have. Place the cuttings into the potting soil and let it grow for a few days. You can then fast-track the flowering using a 12 hour period of darkness and a 12 hour period of light. You need to separate the clone plants from the host plants that you have. Since the clone last will share the same DNA of their host plant then they will also have the same sex. Once the clone will go into the flowering stage then you are now able to determine the sex that they have including the host. You need to make sure that you will keep track of the closet and which host they came from. This is important to prevent mixing them up.

Determine the area where the plant sprouted during germination

This is one method that marijuana growers use in order to determine the sex that the cannabis plant has. This might seem to be unconventional but it can also be effective. If the sprout comes from the top or bottom of the seed then that is generally a female plant. Plants that sprouted on the sides are considered to be males. This method has been used by many growers to determine the sex of their plants and has achieved a 90% success rate from it. You need to remember though that this method is not an absolute fact so you can take it with a grain of salt. You can choices to let the plants grow further to see more signs of the gender that they have. Don’t throw the seeds right away once you find out that they have sprouted in the sides. Keep track of it is that you can make a more informed decision right after.

You can have hermaphrodite plants

There are times that you will have hermaphrodite plants. These are the plants that can have both the reproductive organs of both male and female plants. You can get mixed signals with this one and determining their extent sex can be confusing. This phenomenon can be caused by environmental stress. Once you will notice that the plant will have pistils then see to it that you will cut them off to prevent pollinating other female plants surrounding it.

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