How to Grow Weeds from Seeds

How to Grow Weeds from Seeds – What you Need to Know

Growing weed from seed is the best way to enjoy your marijuana growing journey from the very start until the very end when you will be able to reap the rewards of your efforts.

Most importantly, by choosing to grow your weed from seed, you can easily produce premium seeds of your own even in the case you are just starting as a cannabis grower.

Moreover, opting for high-quality marijuana seeds will allow you to have better control over the entire growing process because top-notch seeds are the major staple to producing excellent crops.

Keep reading and by the end of this article, you will be ready to bring your cannabis-growing game to the next level!

Healthy and Strong Marijuana Plants come from High-Quality Seeds

The first and most crucial step in growing weed from seed is none other but opting for the most suitable seeds to start with.

You can either choose to purchase your seeds from a local dispensary or order you’re online from a reputable seed bank.

In both cases, you have the opportunity to get acquainted with the specific growing demands of each strain.

You will gain a great understanding of the most favorable conditions for growing your weed based on the characteristics of the strain.

That means you will be well-prepared for how long it will take to harvest your crops, what to expect in terms of growth patterns, as well as an effect after consumption.

These are all super important starting points and it doesn’t get simpler than this – healthy seeds will produce healthy plants, and healthy plants will reward you with sufficient yields!

How to Distinguish the Quality of your Cannabis Seeds

When you opt for seeds from a reputable retailer, there is really a very small chance of disappointment in terms of quality.

After all, this is what seed banks do – they operate their entire business around selling quality seeds to the customers!

If a seed bank sends off poor-grade marijuana seeds, that simply puts the company at huge risk of gaining a bad reputation so compromising quality is not an option.

However, it is always good to know the basic rules in determining the quality of your seeds since you can always return them back and receive new ones in case you notice anything abnormal.

2.1 The Color of your Seeds

Mature marijuana seeds are the only source of quality weed and the color is a great indicator of maturity.

Immature seeds will be pale or green while mature seeds will be dark brown and stripped with marble-like patterns.

On the other hand, the best seeds will also resemble a tear from, although rarely, you may stumble across good-quality seeds with a slightly rounder shape than anything teardrop-like.

2.2 The Shell of your Seeds

The upper layer of your seeds needs to be hard, strong, and show no visible signs of breakage.

If you notice any small holes or a broken surface, then your seeds might be already dead inside.

On another note, the shell must also possess a light shine, a wax-like sheen which is also an indicator of good, healthy seeds.

How to Germinate your Weed Seed

Germinating your seeds is an easy-peasy task. There are also multiple germination methods you can utilize but we are going to discuss the top 2 options.

3.1 The Paper Towel Technique

All you need to do is simply soak a paper, a cheesecloth, or a cotton pad in water, then place the seeds inside. Afterward, you want to fold the paper or cotton pad and place it in a resealable plastic bag.

Then you need to keep the pre-soaked seeds in a dark and warm place and monitor them until you notice the tiny root appear.

And so next, you will only have to place the germinated seed into the soil of a small container (for a start, empty coffee plastic cups will do the trick, and transfer into yogurt plastic cups as the seedlings continue growing).

Just don’t forget to monitor your seeds because sometimes mold can become an issue so you need to let them breathe and not keep the plastic bag entirely zipped.

3.2 The Pre-Soaking Method

Pre-soaking your cannabis seeds is an easy way to ensure that your marijuana plants-to-be will be moist and all ready to germinate.

However, then again, mold can become a big issue, so whenever you opt for the pre-soaking method, you still need to be alert.

Simply soaking your seeds until they fall down to the bottom of the container is a good indicator that you are ready to continue with the paper towel technique.

Although some growers will germinate their seeds straight in the water by keeping the seeds soaked for several days until the root appears, we recommend that you stay away from this technique to avoid the much unpleasant mold issues, which can lead to root rot.

Regular Marijuana Seeds VS. Feminized VS. Auto-flowering

Regular marijuana seeds will allow you to grow both male and female plants, which is great in the case you are interested in breeding your very own seeds after males pollinate females.

However, failing to recognize males and removing them from the females on time can spell disaster to your crops as pollinated females concentrate on producing seeds, rather than gigantic buds.

On the other hand, if you are feeling insecure about recognizing males vs. females and you are not interested in producing more seeds of your own, then feminized seeds are a fantastic alternative.

Feminized seeds will grow only female plants, which can be used to harvest those succulent buds with no worries about pollination from males.

Auto-flowering seeds are an excellent choice for growers of all levels but especially newbie ones since these seeds do not need the typical 12/12 light-dark hour cycle.

Whatever types of seeds you prefer, make sure to keep them away from light, heat, and moisture before you start germinating them!

Happy Marijuana Growing!

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