How Much is a Kilo of Weed?

How Much is a Kilo of Weed?

Have you ever wondered how much is a kilo of weed? It’s hard to say how much a kilo of marijuana costs as you can’t buy this much weed from any dispensary in the US or any country! In US states where cannabis is legal, except that the legal amount that you can possess and the legal amount you can purchase from a dispensary or legal supplier is just an ounce. Take note that a kilo is equivalent to around 35.27 ounces.

According to the latest numbers, it costs $300 or more to buy an ounce of weed in the US. With this price, expect to pay around $10,580 + for a kilo of weed. That’s a huge fortune! And of course, the price of a kilo of weed varies greatly depending on many factors, factors that can dramatically jack up the price.

To buy a kilo of weed, you need to break local marijuana laws.

You can’t get this amount from a dispensary, even if you buy from several dispensaries in the city. To come across a kilo of weed, you need to violate local laws, talk to black-market sellers and buy unregulated weed. You may have to take risks and put yourself into trouble just to buy a kilo of weed from illegal sources.

A kilo of weed will likely be from the black market

You won’t be able to buy a kilo of weed anywhere other than from the black market or illegal sellers. And because of this, there are a lot of risks to consider. First, where do you find a seller who’s willing to take the risk to meet you? If you find a seller who’s willing to sell a kilo of weed to a stranger, how do you think you’ll meet? How do you plan to pay for this much weed?

Also, a kilo of weed would be very dangerous to carry even in cities where cannabis smoking is legal! If you know of someone who can get you a kilo of weed, they likely have the right connections or they know of a grower or a good supplier. In other words, it is impossible to buy a kilo without encountering some trouble.

A kilo of fine, high-quality weed is less likely to happen

If you were able to buy a kilo of weed from a dealer or supplier, how can you guarantee that you’re getting the best quality weed? In most cases, unsuspecting customers are scammed out of their money. They pay thousands of dollars for a kilo or more and end up taking home poor quality weed!

Where to buy a cheap kilo of weed?

Now one way to beat the high price of a kilo of weed is to buy marijuana from sellers located in states or countries where marijuana is more affordable.

So how much is a kilo of weed then? According to the latest prices from Oxford Treatment Center, the national average price of medium quality cannabis is $266 which means a kilo should cost around $9,170, more or less. The state with the cheapest price of weed per ounce is Mississippi with $170.22 an ounce and a kilo about $6,003, more or less.

Runners up for the cheapest average price of medium quality cannabis is Oregon with $187.09 an ounce, a kilo at $6,598, and Washington State at $196.80 an ounce and a kilo would be around $6,942. Keep in mind that these are just estimates. Prices can easily skyrocket depending on the season, the quality of weed, and other factors.

You should also consider US states where weed is so expensive like South Dakota, Minnesota, and the District of Columbia when comparing the price of a kilo of cannabis. Of all the states where cannabis is sold legally, the District of Columbia has the most expensive ounce at $550.66! If you were to buy a kilo of weed in DC, you’ll end up paying at least $20,000 for it.

In South Dakota, an ounce of weed is around $335.26 making a kilo worth almost $12,000. In Minnesota, weed is like the price of gold at $330.52 an ounce. Buy a kilo of weed in Minnesota for $11,700, more or less.

You should also expect that the price of a joint would be higher from the same states. A joint has around 0.66 grams of weed and costs $7.59, the national average price for a high-quality piece of joint. In DC, the price can be as high as $13.92 while a joint in Colorado is just less than $6.

Now that you know how much is a kilo of weed from state to state, you may be wondering if you can grow your supply instead of relying on growers and retailers? You can grow your weed as long as it is permitted but make sure to check local regulations on how to proceed.

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