How Much is a Half Pound of Weed?

How Much is a Half Pound of Weed?

Have you ever wondered how much is a half pound of weed? Have you ever thought if it’s possible to buy a half-pound from a dealer or regulated dispensary? If you’re a regular user, a half-pound of weed will last you for months! If you’re a medicinal weed user, a half-pound will dose you up for many weeks.

But how much is a half pound of weed, really? According to retailers, the cost of a pound of weed is from $2,000 to $3,000, and therefore, half a pound is $1,000 to $1,500.

Where to buy half a pound of weed?

It’s indeed impossible to purchase half a pound of weed from a dispensary as the maximum legal amount you can buy is only an ounce. Also, the maximum legal amount you can carry in your person is just an ounce. But if you’re really looking for this much weed, consider these suggestions:

Look for a reputable grower

With a trusted marijuana grower, you’ll probably get half a pound of weed. Growers that prefer to cultivate high-yielding strains like Critical Kush, Northern Lights, Critical Mass, and Blue Dream. These resilient strains can produce high yields and will most likely give you at least half a pound of good quality marijuana.

Grow your own weed

Another way to make sure that you’re getting an accurate half-pound of weed is to grow your weed. If you’re in a state or county where weed is permitted, it’s likely that growing weed is also allowed.

And if cultivating weed is allowed, you’re likely going to find seed banks that sell marijuana seeds. Growing cannabis is a very straightforward thing to do with many small-time growers growing cannabis indoors and even in small pots! You won’t have to worry about buying weed in incorrect weights anymore if you grow your own marijuana plants at home.

Buy an ounce a day…

It may sound counter-productive but actually, it just might work! You can buy weed an ounce at a time or have eight of your friends buy an ounce at a time. It won’t take too long to get to half a pound of weed.

Look for unregulated retailers

If you can’t grow weed or you don’t have friends willing to buy an ounce each for you then you might as well check unregulated dispensaries and retailers. You might get lucky online from cannabis forums and social media however, be ready to pay more for unregulated weed. The price of weed in the black market can double or triple depending on the type of strain and popularity.

 Visualizing a half a pound of weed

A half-pound of weed is easier to visualize rather than a gram or an ounce of weed.  With this much weed, you can use just about any type of kitchen weighing scale to weigh your weed. You can use a food scale, a small digital scale that’s more accurate than ordinary supermarkets or market scales.

A scale used to weigh people can also weigh half a pound of weed. To do this, hold the weed and measure your weight and record it. Now, remove the weed and measure again. If you got half a pound then you’re good. If you get less than half a pound then you’re not getting your money’s worth!

Half a pound of weed may be visually compared to other half-pound items in your home like a half a pound bag of sugar, rice, flour, or butter. This may not be as accurate as weighing your weed but it can help give you an estimate.

Another way to visualize how much a half-pound of weed is the number of joints and blunts you can make. As an ounce of weed can make up to 60 joints, you can make up to 480 joints in half a pound of marijuana! 480 joints would be enough to share or to consume for more than a year!

Still, the best way to find out if you’re getting the right amount of weed is to weigh it. Estimating can lead to a lot of mistakes as some cannabis flowers are too dense while some are too airy. Dense weed naturally heavier compared to airy weed and you won’t find this out unless you weigh your weed properly.

Now that you have an idea how much is a half pound of weed, you can now visualize how much weed you can get, use and share with your friends. A half-pound is impossible to purchase online or from local dispensaries. You can only get half a pound of weed if you were to buy directly from a grower or if you were to grow your marijuana. Always take time to check the reliability of the retailer, dispensary, or seller before you purchase this much marijuana.

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