How Much is a Dub of Weed?

How Much is a Dub of Weed?

Have you ever heard of a dub of bud and wondered “How much is a dub of weed?” Dub is a term used in measuring and buying cannabis. Also called a dub sack, it refers to two grams of weed.  Actual amounts may vary according to where you’re located but this is pretty much the value of dub in places where marijuana use is legal.

The price of a dub of weed

Now that you know the amount of weed in the dub, you may also be curious about the actual price of a dub. Because a gram of weed is about $10 then, a dub would be around $20. This is the standard price of regular weed in most cities and states where cannabis is legal. However, some dispensaries and retailers can charge up to $30 for a dub if you’re buying quality or the most popular strain.

Meanwhile, in some states, the price of dub is less. Usually, taxes place a burden on retailers especially for the price of legal medicinal cannabis and recreational weed. Like in Canada where taxes on weed are steep making the price of legal weed very expensive. If you were to buy popular strains or the latest weed, you would have to pay twice the price of weed in the US.

How do you estimate a dub?

Now you have an idea as to how much is a dub of weed, you can now prepare your cash before you shop. But what if you’re just buying weed from an illegal source or directly from a grower? How do you know you’re getting a dub?

Let’s first explore some common everyday items that weigh a gram. And since a dub is two grams, we will compare the weight of dub with two of the same household item.

Supposing you have some weed but don’t have a scale to weigh your dried weed on to get the equivalent of a dub. You can use a regular plastic ruler as a scale plus, any of these common everyday things you can find around the house.

A paper clip

A regular metal paper clip without a plastic covering is exactly a gram. This is just a plain paper clip, not the large one or decorative clip you see in bookstores. So, use two paper clips as a counterweight and you can now measure a dub of weed. 

A birthday candle

A standard 2-inch birthday candle weighs exactly a gram. This is a standard candle, not the number kind. Use two candles as your counterweight at the end of your ruler and you can now accurately get a dub.

A matte business card

You may have collected a lot of business cards as you attend conferences and business meetings and do you know that you can measure a gram and a dub using a plain matte card? A simple, matte card is about a gram. Don’t use ID cards, credit cards, or playing cards as these are heavier with additional embellishments and layers. Get two matte business cards and you’ll be able to measure a dub of weed.

A plain raisin

A raisin also weighs exactly one gram and you can use two raisins to weigh a dub of weed. Don’t use raisins with chocolate covers as the extra sweet layer adds to the overall weight. Use only regular-sized raisins and not the jumbo seedless types.

A regular pen cap

The plastic cap of a pen also weighs exactly a gram to take two and you got a dub of weed. For a more accurate measurement, use the cap of a Bic pen; the blue plastic cap. Other pens may have lighter or heavier caps.

A regular thumbtack

A regular tack is about a gram. Use a plain thumbtack and not one with a plastic head and decorative covers. Also, brand new tacks should be used and not worn out or rusted ones as these may weigh less or more than a gram.

A dollar bill or a Chinese yen

Most paper bills weigh exactly a gram. You can use two dollar bills or yen bills to get an exact measure of a dub.

A stick of gum

A long stick of gum inside paper packaging weighs exactly a gram. Remember to use old-school gum, not a gumball or other shapes. Remove the packaging before you use it as a counterweight for a gram of weed. After measuring a gram, double this to get a nice dub of weed.

Once you learn how much is a dub of weed, you’ll surely realize that this is not enough even for a day’s stash! But remember, buy only quality weed from reputable sources so you’ll get the best kind of recreational or medicinal weed in correct amounts.

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