How Much Does a Quarter of Weed Weigh?

How Much Does a Quarter of Weed Weigh?

Aside from the price of weed, you also need to learn some marijuana lingo when you buy weed. Common questions like “How much does a quarter of weed weigh” or “How much is a quarter of weed” often come to mind. Let us give you an idea of how much a quarter is and the price of a quarter of weed from the best marijuana cities in the US.

How to visualize a quarter of weed?

When you say a quarter of weed, this refers to one-quarter ounce which is 7 grams. A quarter may not be enough in cases when you want to share your stash or you have friends coming over. But actually, it may just be enough if you just know how to visualize this much weed.

Use a weighing scale

The best way to find out how much does a quarter of weed weighs is to use a weighing scale. Cannabis dispensaries use a small digital food scale to get an exact measurement of their products. A food scale is very accurate and portable. You can carry one around if you want to find out if the weed you’re buying is legit.

When selecting a scale, take a digital scale that’s accurate by 0.1 grams. Do not use a traditional scale as this is not accurate. Use a scale with a 200-gram capacity. Look for great value digital scales online.

Eyeball weed

Eyeballing or just checking weed with your eyes may not be as effective as using a scale but it gets the job done fast. If you have purchased a quarter of weed before, you certainly have a clear idea as to how much dry flower you should get.

To eyeball the amount of weed you will get, consider how dense the cannabis you’re getting. Dense weed has a tight structure which makes it heavier. Fluffier weed looks airy and hence, weed is lighter. Again, this is not an accurate way to determine the weight of weed.

Using a penny and a ruler

Another way to make an estimate of a gram or 7 grams of weed is using a ruler and a penny. You will improvise a scale using a penny and a ruler. Place a ruler on a flat surface and place a penny on one end. On the other end, place a small amount of weed. A penny weighs 2.5 grams and if the ruler is balanced, there will be exactly 2.5 grams of weed at the other end. Work your way until you get 7 grams of weed at the other end of the ruler.

A smartphone to measure your weed

Nowadays, there are smartphone apps that can be used as improvised scales. Although not as accurate as real digital scales, these apps will help you estimate the weed you’re purchasing or using. Look for these handy apps from Google Playstore or Apple Store.

Download the app and check the instructions. Apps like these are helpful but still won’t replace a regular scale.

Plastic hanger scale

Aside from the ruler and penny scale, you can also improvise a scale made from a plastic hanger and some standard weights like a nickel. A nickel weighs exactly five grams and can be used as a counterweight. Place the hanger on a hook. Tie a string on both ends; one end will hold the nickel while the other end will hold your bud. Once the hanger balances, you have weed that’s exactly 5 grams worth. Next, take weed that’s half the amount you weighed before and add this to the 5 grams you have on hand. You now have around 7.5 grams of weed, just a little over a quarter of weed.

Use a bottle cap

Use a bottle cap to measure a gram of weed. A gram can fit a bottle cap and therefore seven bottle caps-full of weed is a quarter ounce of weed. Again, use this technique only as a basis as some weed strains are airier while some are denser than other flowers.

The price of a quarter of weed

A quarter of weed is a quarter of an ounce and the price ranges from $60 to $150. Higher quality weed is more expensive as well as medicinal and high THC strains. The price also varies depending on your location. A quarter of weed purchased in Colorado and Washington State is cheaper compared to weed from Washington D.C.

Now that you know how much does a quarter of weed weighs, you have an idea of how much you need to allot on your next smoking session. Take note that the price of weed varies depending on where you’re located and where you purchase your stash. An informed consumer will always be a smart consumer.

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