How Much are 7 Grams of Weed?

How Much are 7 Grams of Weed?

If a gram of weed is not enough then you’re likely looking for more. You may be asking “How much is 7 grams of weed” as you’re looking to share or you’re preparing for a smoke session this weekend. But is 7 grams of weed enough? Can you share 7 grams of weed with friends?

Let’s picture a gram of weed

7 grams is an unlikely amount for a customer to order and thus, it’s not easy to visualize 7 grams of dried weed. So let’s start with learning how much a gram is and work the price of weed from there.

A gram of weed is the base measure of marijuana but most US states and countries that legalize the use of cannabis abide by the ounce. An ounce is a legal amount you can buy from a dispensary and it is also the allowed amount you can carry in in your person wherever you go. An ounce is 1/16th of a pound.

One way to visualize a gram is to use a bottle cap. A gram is roughly the size of a bottle cap. The word “roughly” is used because dried marijuana leaves vary in density. Some weed can be very dense and thus, a gram of this kind of weed will be smaller than a bottle cap. Fluffy weed may fill a bottle cap. So if you’re thinking how much is 7 grams of weed, think of 7 bottle caps. But if you’re talking about a dense strain, about five to six bottle caps would equal to 7 grams of weed.

Another way to picture how much is 7 grams of weed is how many joints can 7 grams roll. This is not as accurate for everyone has his special technique. But to give you an estimate, an average-sized joint has around 0.7 grams of weed.  A gram of weed will yield around 1.5 joints while 7 grams can roll around 10 ½ joints.

Meanwhile, some users prefer to roll blunts than joints. Blunts are simply twice or thrice the size of a joint. A gram can roll a thin blunt while 7 grams can roll about 5 large blunts. Again, this is not an exact measure of how much gram or 7 grams of weed is as different users have different preferences. Some may like their blunts large so they can share it while some prefer a thin one so they can easily stash it someplace safe.

The price of 7 grams of weed in different states

The price of a gram of weed is about $9 to $15. Expect 7 grams to be from $63 to $105. The price varies depending on the quality of weed you’re trying to buy, the strain you want to purchase, the season of the year or time of the year, and your location. Here is a list of some of the best places to buy 7 grams of weed in the US.


If you’re looking for savings as you buy a gram or more of weed then check out the cheapest weed in Colorado which is just $7.14 per gram. This means it costs less than $50 for 7! The state is indeed heaven for cannabis aficionados as there are a lot of growers and dispensaries to choose from.

Take note that prices can get higher for popular and exotic cannabis strains. But you can also expect freebies, discounts, special deals, and offers during special seasons of the year like April 20 or weed day.


In Oregon, a gram of weed is around $6.65, and 7 grams is just less than $47. Oregon dispensaries offer great deals and discounts as well so be ready to head to a local shop during holidays and on April 20. You’ll also find top-quality weed, popular strains, and new arrivals which cost higher than the average price.


Washington state is always one of the best places to buy weed if you want to save money. A gram is just $6.81 and therefore it only costs less than $48 to get 7 grams. Like other states with affordable weed, prices can easily soar if you’re looking for medicinal weed. Those who need medical cannabis may need to pay $10 or higher for a gram. Edibles and other weed products are also available.

New Mexico

The price for a gram of weed is slightly higher but still affordable in New Mexico at $8.13. 7 grams is about $57 and expect to spend more if you’re buying medicinal cannabis and high THC weed strains.

 Now that you have an idea how much is 7 grams of weed, you’ll be well-prepared when you buy from a local shop or dispensary. Just like any commodity, the price of weed can fluctuate so take time to learn the average from different dispensaries before you shop.

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