How Much are 3 Grams of Weed?

How Much are 3 Grams of Weed?

Some people are not contented with buying a gram of weed and would prefer more. If you’re the kind who likes to stock up or you’re preparing for a small session with friends, you’re likely asking “How much is 3 grams of weed?”  For 3 grams, expect to pay about $40. This price is average but expects to pay differently for 3 grams of weed depending on your location, where you want to shop, and the time of the year.

How much are 3 grams of cannabis exactly?

3 grams is less than an eight so, it may not be enough if you’re organizing a get-together or a weekend smoke session. Here is a breakdown of what you’re getting if you’re planning to buy just a few grams of weed:

  • 3 grams = less than an eighth of weed
  • 3.5 grams = 1/8 ounce
  • 7 grams = ¼ ounce
  • 14 grams = ½ ounce
  • 28.35 grams = 1 ounce

The price of 3 grams in different US cities

If you live or visit the United States and you want to shop for weed then you must take time to get to know the different regulations and some basic stuff about marijuana. Most cannabis enthusiasts want to visit cities like Denver, Portland, Los Angeles, Phoenix, and Seattle to sample different strains and to try out different cannabis products. Take note that the price of weed varies greatly in these key cities.

Los Angeles

The national average of $41 for about 3 grams of weed stands in Los Angeles. An eight would be around $39.09. Some of the popular dispensaries in the city offer $10 for a gram of weed and $25 for an eighth. See how much you can save by shopping around? So when in LA, don’t immediately settle with the price of weed from just a few dispensaries. Try asking locals for the best value and shops that carry good deals.


Prepare $40.50 for 3 grams of weed. The price varies depending on the type of strain you’re aiming for. You should also look for shops that offer an eight for the same strain. Denver is the melting pot of cannabis growers, some of these growers culture exotic strains and strains that you can’t find anywhere. So when in the city, it’s best to indulge in the best weed, and for this kind of marijuana, expect to pay more about $45 to $50 for 3 grams.

One of the most popular both for recreational and medicinal users is Blue Dream. This strain is around $12.50 from top dispensaries in Denver but some not so popular shops offer around an eight of this strain for only $35. You’re getting a few dollars less and getting more out of a tight budget.

Also, try small-city dispensaries as these shops sometimes have quality weed strains and offer unexpected deals and discounts.


How much are 3 grams of weed in Portland? Amazingly, Portland retailers offer 3 grams of weed for just $37.35 while an eight is about 2 dollars more. As always, high-quality weed costs more especially new and popular strains. Medicinal strains for migraines, pain, muscle strain, stress, and anxiety are more expensive and so are high THC strains or recreational strains.

Portland dispensaries offer a special service to customers. You can ask the budtender to split the weed you’re buying if you want to share your weed with friends.


Seattle prices are higher than the national average. Expect paying $42.45 for 3 grams of weed. An eight will cost around $40 to $41. In some shops, a gram or eight costs lower. Be sure to check prices during holidays and special seasons of the year. Almost all Seattle dispensaries offer special deals and discounts on weed. Popular and new strains are more expensive but sometimes offered at introductory prices.


Phoenix dispensaries offer $42 for 3 grams of weed while an eight costs more at $45. Add $3 if you want an extra half gram. A gram in Phoenix is about $14. Why are the prices of weed higher in Phoenix? This is because of the rise of high-quality marijuana in the area. You’re likely to find high-quality weed strains for recreational and medicinal use in Phoenix than from other nearby areas.

Every cannabis user wants to save money. Comparison shopping can be tedious but it can save you so much, even $1000 or more a year if you consider your options before you shop. Most of the time, cannabis shops have some kind of special discount, shipping deals, and free delivery offers if you purchase more. Now that you have an idea how much is 3 grams of weed in different cities in the US, you can prepare your budget for good quality weed before you shop.

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