How Many Grams is a Quarter Pound of Weed?

How Many Grams is a Quarter Pound of Weed?

For a quick answer to the question: “How many grams is a quarter pound of weed?” you’ll get 113.4 grams. A quarter-pound is also called QP or quap. If you’re planning to buy a quarter-pound of weed then you might as well forget it as it’s impossible to get this much weed if you’re just a regular consumer.

Retail weights of weed

Weed is retailed in the smallest amounts. The legal amount that you can buy is an ounce which is about 28 grams. An ounce of weed is also the amount that’s legal to carry anywhere. Take note that this is the rule for almost all US states where cannabis use is considered legal.

A quarter of an ounce is also available in some dispensaries. Also called a quarter of weed, this amount is around 7 grams and can take around 5 to 7 blunts and about a dozen or more joints. Still another popular quantity is a half-ounce which is 14 grams. Another term for a half-ounce of weed is simply half or a half-O and with this amount, you can make about 14 juicy blunts and about 24+ joints.

As you go higher, you eventually reach an ounce which is also called an O or a zip. After an ounce of weed are higher amounts that you won’t easily find in dispensaries and other local retail outlets.

A quarter-pound may sound like a quarter-pounder burger! This is about four ounces of weed. If you can’t get high with just an ounce then you might consider a quarter-pound of weed. You and three other people may buy an ounce; combine all your purchases to get a QP. You may also seek bulk retailers to buy more weed. But you can’t order this through their site or directly from a budtender. You need to make special arrangements with the dispensary owner or manager.

After a quarter-pound of weed is a half-pound which is 226.8 grams or 8 ounces. You can’t purchase this much weed from a dispensary as well and you might be better off buying in bulk from a local retailer.

The next amount is the pound; the rarest amount you can purchase on the streets. A pound is a fortune and costs more or less $3,000. This is about 453 grams or about 16 ounces and may only be available to people who are involved in manufacturing cannabis-related products. If you make products like concentrates, oils, edibles, and therapeutics then you can get special authority to purchase pounds of weed. People who develop medicines or drugs related to cannabis use pounds of weed and this is purchased directly to suppliers for a discounted price.

Some important questions about a quarter-pound of weed

How many joints can you roll in a quarter pound of weed?

If you can roll 900 to 1000 joints in a pound of weed, you can get as many as 270 to 300 joints in a quarter pound. Of course, every cannabis user has different ways and preferences as to how large or how small a joint should be. But when it comes to a regular joint, you can get as much as 300 in a QP. For blunts, you can roll as many as 150 blunts assuming that a blunt is double a joint. Again, personal preferences are placed into perspective.

How many bowls can you get with a QP of weed?

Suppose you have an average-sized bowl or pipe, this can hold as much as a gram of weed. Therefore, a quarter pound of weed can light up 113.39 bowls of weed assuming that a bowl can hold a gram of weed. Consuming weed by smoking it in a bowl is one of the most cost-effective ways as you can control the amount of weed you can smoke. Therefore, a bowl of high-quality weed can last for a week which means a quarter-pound of weed will be enough to keep you high for more or less two years.

How many hits in a bowl?

The number of hits that you can get from a bowl depends on the user. If you inhale deeply every time you get a hit then expect to finish a bowl in a few days. Also, the amount can vary depending on the size of the bowl.

How long will it take to smoke a quarter pound of weed?

If you consume two joints a day and you smoke every day, a quarter-pound of weed can last for months.

How many grams in a quarter pound of weed and the price?

There are 113.39 grams per quarter pound. The price depends on the quality of the weed and where you want to buy it. In Colorado, the price of a QP is about $800 while it’s $1,000 to $1,500 in other prominent US states and cities.

Now that you have an idea how many grams is a quarter-pound of weed, and the different weed slangs, you may now buy cannabis confidently online or from a local dispensary. Always buy from a reliable retailer to get the best value out of your money. 

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