How High Are You

How High Are You? How High Am I? Top 7 Levels Of High

How are you feeling today?

If you’re feeling a little… well, weirder than usual, it might be time to ask yourself: How high am I?

When it comes to knowing how high you are, there’s no better gauge than your own self-assessment. Whether you’re blazing up in the woods or getting baked on the couch with a bunch of friends, knowing how high you are can help keep things safe and fun!

We know that’s a question you’ve been asking yourself over and over again—and we have the answer. Here are the top 7 Levels of High!

How High Are You?

#1 Stone

Stone is the first level of high, and it’s also the easiest to reach. You’re high enough to be aware of your highness, but not so far gone that you can’t function. In fact, stone is usually characterized by heightened sensory perception and an increased ability to focus on tasks at hand–so if you’re reading this article right now while stoned, congratulations! You’ve reached the first step on your journey toward enlightenment (or just a really good time).

#2 Buzzed

Buzzed is the first level of high, and it’s where most people start their day. You’re not experiencing any negative effects, so you can still function normally. You may feel more talkative and have a good time with friends–but that’s about it! You’re not feeling any kind of euphoria or pain relief yet, but you’ve definitely got that mellow buzz going on in your brain.

#3 High

You’re high. You feel great! The world is a beautiful place and everyone loves you, especially your dog. You might also feel like you are floating above the ground or that everything around you is moving in slow motion.

If this sounds like how you feel right now, congratulations! But don’t get too excited: being high isn’t all fun and games (or even food). If a friend offers to share their weed with you, make sure they know exactly how much THC is in their product before taking it–that way both of your highs will be equally enjoyable experiences!

#4 Really high

Really high is a state of being in which you’re not sure if you’re still here. You feel like you’re in a dream, but also that the dream might be real. The world around you has become fuzzy and indistinct; it could be any time or place at all, and everything seems like it’s happening for the first time. You can’t remember what you were doing before this moment, or even where “this” is exactly–you just know that whatever came before now was surrounded by darkness and silence (as opposed to this brightness and noise), so maybe there was no such thing as before? And even though nothing really makes sense right now–and even though it feels like there should be some sort of significance attached to these events–you don’t care enough about anything at all right now anyway!

#5 Too high

You are slightly paranoid, and you don’t like it. You think people are talking about you, but they’re not–they’re talking about themselves! The world is a strange place when you’re high. It may seem like everyone else is laughing at your expense, but that’s probably not true either; they just have their own problems to deal with.

You feel anxious and depressed because of your paranoia and confusion–or maybe it’s because of the loss of inhibition caused by being too high. Either way: this is too high!

#6 So high

You know it when it happens. You’re really high.

You’re feeling a little disconnected from your body, but not in a bad way. You just feel like you’re floating around and looking down on everything, but it’s not scary or anything—it’s just kind of cool. You also have a tendency to laugh at things that aren’t actually funny, which is something that everyone has experienced at some point or another (it’s called “getting the giggles”).

You may start to notice that you have trouble focusing on one thing for too long. Your attention span is short and you may find yourself getting distracted by things like the TV or music when you’d normally be focused on something else entirely—like homework!

When this happens, go ahead and take advantage of it: if there’s any homework or studying that needs to be done, try doing it while you’re high. It’ll probably go much faster than usual!

#7 Far, far away

You can’t think straight, and you don’t remember what happened last night. You’re not sure what’s real and what’s not, but it doesn’t matter because everything is so beautiful and amazing. You feel like you are floating on air. You feel like a different person and are not in control of your actions or words. You feel like you can do anything, and nothing can stop you. You feel like you are invincible.


Now that you know the seven levels of high, you can use them to help determine how intoxicated you are. We hope we’ve given you a better idea of what it feels like to be high. This can be a difficult topic, as everyone’s experience is different and depends on many factors. We know that there are some commonalities among users–such as the munchies and paranoia–but there are also plenty of differences in how each person experiences their highs.

So, did you recognize your own level of high? What about the people you know? Do you think that our conclusions about the 7 different levels of high are accurate? Let us know in the comments below!

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