How Big Should Buds Be At 5 Weeks

How Big Should Buds Be At 5 Weeks? (With Picture)

If you’re growing marijuana, chances are that you have considered the question of how big your buds should be at five weeks. Maybe you’ve read about someone else’s plants and wish yours were just like theirs. Or maybe you’re concerned that your plants are too small or not filling out properly. But there is no “ideal” bud size—it all depends on what type of plant it is, how old it is and what kind of nutrients it has access to during its development.

4-5 Weeks Cannabis Buds

How Big Should Buds Be At 5 Weeks? generally speaking, Buds should be between one to three inches long and between 1/2 and 1/4 inch in width. But as what I’ve mentioned earlier, the size of your buds depends on the strain, genetics and how you grow it. Some strains are known to be smaller than others, while some are known to be larger.

In general, the longer the bud, the more likely it is to produce a high yield. However, some strains are known for their short, dense buds while others produce tall, thin plants with fewer branches. As a general rule of thumb, growers should trim their plants down to two or three main branches at this point in the growing cycle.

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Buds Are Like Snowflakes—They Come In Different Sizes

There are many factors that determine the size of buds, including genetics, grow conditions, and harvest time.

Some strains can produce very large buds while others may be more compact and dense. The size of a plant’s buds will also vary from harvest to harvest if it is grown under different conditions or over multiple seasons.

For example: if you have one strain of cannabis that was grown outdoors in California during an especially warm fall season with lots of rain… and another strain that was grown indoors in Oregon for several months during an unusually cold winter… both plants could end up having very different sized yields despite being from the same strain (and even parent plants).

Indica Buds Are Smaller And Denser, While Sativa Buds Tend To Be Longer.

Indica plants are shorter, denser and more compact than sativa. The reason for this is the branching structure of indica vs. sativa plants.

Indica plants have wider internodal spacing (the distance between branches) than sativas, which means they tend to produce smaller buds but with greater density and weight. This also gives them a bushier appearance than sativas that are longer and spindlier in nature. Sativa buds often have more airy internodal spacing compared to indicas as well because they don’t need so much space for branching out since their growth pattern is less dense overall.

The Yield Size Depends On The Grow Conditions

How big your buds are at 5 weeks depends on a lot of factors, such as the genetics of the plant and what type of environment you’re growing them in. For example, if you have a great grow setup with good nutrients and plenty of light but also happen to have some plants with less-than-average genetics, then that might affect their size at harvest time.

There are other contributing factors too: how much time is spent training or pruning each plant? What kind of soil do they grow in? How well does each individual plant respond to changes in temperature or humidity levels? And so on. The bottom line is that it’s impossible for us to give an exact answer without knowing all these variables about your particular situation (which would be impossible). We can say this though—the best way for us is always through experience!

Genetics Also Play A Role

Genetics also play a role in the size and density of your buds. For example, if you have a strain that’s known for its dense buds and high yields, then the genetics of your strain will have an impact on how big your buds are at 5 weeks.

Another factor is environmental conditions like temperature and humidity. If it’s cold outside, this can slow down growth rate. Similarly, if it’s humid outside (like during monsoon season), this can encourage mold growth on plants and cause them to be less healthy overall—even causing them to produce smaller or underdeveloped buds than usual.

Lighting Is Another Factor That Affects The Size Of Your Buds

Lighting is another factor that affects the size of your buds. It’s important to provide your plant with the right amount of light for healthy growth, but depending on the strain and environment, this can vary greatly. It also depends on what time of year you’re growing in, as well as how you want to use your bud (e.g., recreational vs medicinal).

But It’s More Than Just Genetics And Light Conditions

Your buds will also be affected by the soil and nutrients you give them. And how you trim your buds can impact their size as well.

So, what should you do if your plants are growing too big? Should you cut the top leaves off? Prune the buds? It depends on what kind of plant you’re growing, but in general: no! Trimming will not stop large plants from getting even larger—in fact, it might encourage them to grow faster instead.

There is no “ideal” bud size, only that your plants are healthy, thriving and producing fragrant, potent nugs. The size of your buds depends on several factors:

  • Grow conditions
  • Genetics
  • Lighting (intensity and duration)
  • Grower skill level


Generally speaking, larger buds at 5 weeks of flowering generally means that you have larger yields. There are of course other factors like density and smell, but I’d say if the buds are noticeably bigger and you’re happy with everything else then there’s a good change they’ll be more productive. We hope you now feel like you have a better understanding of how to grow giant buds at home! It all comes down to creating an environment that is perfect for your plants—one where they can thrive and grow in their natural way. As long as you keep these tips in mind throughout your grow, then you should be able to achieve success with any size bud on any strain.

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