High Thoughts

High Thoughts: 40 Stoner Fun Thoughts to Consider While High

Our minds are like Swiss-army knives: they are full of tools that help us through life. Sometimes, though, we’re too busy with everyday task to unpack and use all of these amazing tools. Through our use of marijuana, we have learned that it can be used as a tool to enhance a trip in order to gain new perspectives on things.

We compiled our top 40 favorite high thoughts that you could consider while high. Some of them are silly, some are weird and some are deep; but we think they’re all pretty interesting. Hope you enjoy!

What Are High Thoughts?

What are high thoughts? To answer that question I have to explain what it is like to be high. When you are high your perception of life becomes infused with a sense of newness and possibility. Life is no longer the same old thing and any arbitrary choices you make while in a state of being stoned seem valid and satisfying. The immediate surrounding environment ceases to be something you just occupy temporarily and becomes a place that has its own sense of flow and energy.

Top 40 High Thoughts

1. Why’s it called chili if it’s not hot?

2. if you trim the brush off a toothbrush, is it just called a tooth

3. Why do we park on a drive way and drive on a parkway?

4. If a blind person dream can they see it

5. What sound does a tree make when it falls on a stoned forest?

6. I’m not saying I’m Batman, but…yeah, I am Batman.

7. What if we’re in a simulation inside of another simulation inside of another simulation, and those are all inside of another simulation that’s a dream?

8. What if the world is the dream and we just wake up everyday to realize it isn’t real?

9. Two wrongs don’t make a right, but three lefts do!

10. why is it called a building even when it has been built?

11. If your feet don’t measure to 12 inches, then is it really a foot?

12. If a tree falls in the forest and no one is around to hear it, do the other trees make fun of it?

13. What if everything we see or feel is just another hallucination. We don’t even actually exist.

14. For some reason the sound of wood cracking soothes me. Makes me feel like everything will be okay.

15. Why does food get cold but drinks get hot?

16. Why can’t Professor X make his legs move if he can make other things move with his mind?

17.  What does water taste like?

18. You can never stand backwards on stairs

19. When you light your lighter, your lighter gets lighter until your lighter is so light that your lighter won’t light.

20. Why do they call it weed when that’s just what plants do? All plants grow weed. They grow leaves. This plant grows marijuana. It’s a marijuana plant!

21. If you travel to the past, are you still living in your future?

22. Is the sand called the sand because it’s between the sea and the land?

23. When you clean the vacuum, you become the vacuum cleaner

24. The schnozberries taste like schnozberries

25. Can you daydream at night?

26. Why do we naturally sit in a circle. Why don’t we sit in a square?

27. Humans cut down trees for paper on which to draw trees.

28. How does a sponge hold water if it’s full of holes?

29.  If tomatoes are really a fruit, is ketchup a smoothie?

30. Where does a thought go when it’s forgotten?

31. Ice cubes float in a pool of their own blood.

32. Is there a synonym for synonym?

33. What do we do with the extra gloves?

34. We prefer being up in the clouds.

35. A ghost could be break dancing in front of you and you wouldn’t even notice

36. If cats could talk, they probably wouldn’t

37. Cats get 18 chances, unfair.

38. Isn’t it weird we have a small voice in our heads? Like the one you use to read this

39. If you get out of the shower clean. Why does your towel get dirty?

40. Does a straw have one or two holes?


I hope you’ve enjoyed these fun thoughts to consider while high. There’s no telling where they’ll take you, but I’m sure there will be plenty of laughter along the way.

If you’ve had any similar experiences, or have your own favorite high thought, share with us in the comments below! We would love to hear from our readers about what it’s like being high and what kinds of things they think about when under the influence.

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