Growing Cannabis in a Cupboard?

Growing Cannabis in a Cupboard?

For many enthusiasts around the world, growing cannabis at home can seem daunting due to space constraints, legal restrictions, and the steep learning curve associated with modern horticulture. However, cultivating cannabis in a discreet, limited area such as a cupboard can provide a perfect solution to these challenges. In this article, we delve into the essential steps needed to successfully grow cannabis in the comfort of your very own cupboard.

Planning Your Cupboard Grow Space

The first task in creating a successful cupboard-grow project is careful planning of the physical area in which your plants will thrive. Before you begin, consider the following factors:

  • The size of the cupboard: An ideal cupboard should provide ample space for plant growth and requisite equipment, such as pots, fans, and reflectors. At the same time, too large a cupboard can waste precious energy.
  • Ventilation: A well-ventilated space is critical for preventing various ailments, such as moulds and mildews, that can ravage plants.
  • Practicality: Ensure your chosen cupboard is located in an accessible area without posing any significant disruptions to your daily life or violating any local regulations.

With these factors in mind, you can confidently begin transforming your cupboard into a customized cannabis cultivation environment.

Cupboard Preparation and Setup

Once you select a suitable cupboard, you will need to optimize the interior environment to promote cannabis growth. The core elements of a successful setup include:


It is crucial to provide cannabis plants with an adequate and adjustable light source. One cost-effective and efficient option is a compact fluorescent light (CFL), which generates minimal heat and can be adjusted in both intensity and distance from the plants.


As mentioned earlier, proper airflow is necessary for healthy growth. Installing an exhaust fan at the highest point of the cupboard will rid the space of hot, stale air, while a small intake fan near the base will help maintain fresh air supply and stabilize temperature.

Reflective material

Lining the inside of the cupboard with reflective material, such as Mylar or white paint, can increase light efficiency and ensure all plants receive equal exposure.

Temperature and humidity control

Using a thermometer and hygrometer to monitor ambient conditions will assist in maintaining the optimal environment for cannabis growth. Cannabis thrives in temperatures around 70-80°F (21-27°C) with humidity between 40-60%.

Choosing Cannabis Strains and Growing Media

When it comes to cupboard cultivation, selecting the appropriate strain of cannabis and proper growing medium is fundamental to success. Consider the following factors:

Cannabis strains

Choose strains with shorter stature and bushier growth habits, such as Indica and Indica-dominant hybrids, to maximize cupboard space. You can also experiment with auto-flowering varieties, which grow quickly and usually remain small, making them ideal for such restricted surroundings.

Growing media

There are several growing media available on the market, including soil, coco coir, and hydroponic systems. For cupboard cultivators, soil and coco coir are often preferred since they are more forgiving and manageable for beginners, providing good water retention and natural nutrients.

Nurturing Cannabis Plants from Seed to Harvest

Finally, keeping your cupboard cannabis in peak condition requires vigilant care from germination to harvest:


Start by germinating your cannabis seeds in a damp paper towel or in a small container of your chosen growth medium. Once the taproot emerges, transfer the seeds to bigger pots with adequate drainage.

Vegetative and flowering stages

Throughout both the vegetative and flowering stages, closely monitor your cannabis plants’ progress, adjusting lighting, airflow, and nurturing conditions accordingly.

Training and pruning

Employ techniques such as Low-Stress Training (LST) and Screen of Green (ScrOG) to manage plant growth, promote increased yield, and optimize space within the cupboard.

Feeding and watering

Consistently ensure your plants receive ample nutrients, a balanced pH level, and sufficient water intake to maintain overall health.

Harvest, dry, and cure

When the time arrives, carefully harvest your cannabis, allowing for ample drying time before curing to enhance the taste, smell, and potency of your final product.


The process of cultivating cannabis in a cupboard may initially seem complex and intimidating, but a well-executed plan, combined with dedication and ongoing learning, can result in a rewarding harvest and newfound expertise. By carefully considering practical factors, optimally preparing your grow space, selecting suitable strains and growing media, and diligently nurturing your plants throughout their life cycle, you can master the art of cupboard cannabis cultivation and enjoy the fruits of your labor.

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