Growers Choice Seeds Review

Growers Choice Seeds Review – A Legitimate Seed Bank?

Grower’s Choice is aimed to deliver the finest laboratory tested and fully feminized cannabis seeds. They assure their clients of their reliable best-selling cannabis seeds, making sure that they give you the best cannabis buying experience.

Aside from ensuring that customers get top quality strains, Growers Choice Seeds also makes sure to let customers feel the easiest, simple, and straightforward buying experience with their friendly and reliable customer service representatives.

It is expected that customers will have questions and important queries regarding their products, so Growers Choice Seeds makes sure that they have competent, reliable, and accommodating staff who will be able to assist customers with questions and queries that concern the products being sold.

Reputation and Review History

Growers Choice Seeds has been a trusted named as a seed bank with its finest array of cannabis products. It has offered cannabis connoisseurs across the globe high-quality seeds at reasonable prices.

At Growers, customer satisfaction is important. It is not just enough to deliver top-quality cannabis strains, but they are also concerned about the affordability of their products. This is the reason why customers keep on coming back at growers. 

They offer their products at reasonable prices and often come up with discounts and freebies. They have always considered their customer’s satisfaction and make sure that they provide the best quality product together with something that would add up to their customer’s delight like discounted prices, freebies, and coupons.

Quality and savings matter at Growers. No wonder why customers remain loyal to them. It’s not all about spending, but also saving maters without sacrificing the quality of their product. This is what consumers are looking for. Quality and savings. This is a big edge to other seedbanks. 

Seed Selection and Quality  

Growers Choice Seeds offers a wide variety of cannabis seeds that caters to their client’s specific needs. At Growers, they encourage their clients to expand their horizons and let them choose on a wide array of products that suits their needs. Products from Growers Choice Seeds cater to both cannabis users and to those who want to grow their own garden. Here are the types of seeds that you can find at Growers Choice Seeds website: 

1) Feminized Cannabis Seeds  

Growers Choice Seeds is known for its feminized seeds. All the cannabis that is being offered on the Growers Choice Seeds website is all feminized seeds. Feminized seeds are cannabis seeds that are specially bred to produce only plants by eliminating the male chromosomes. Also known as female seeds, these plants produce more THC and CBD compared to male plants. The seeds are natural.  

At Growers, all-female cannabis seeds are guaranteed to be high flourishing; bud packed, and healthy. They can produce more THC and CBD contents. These female seeds can produce plants that are more smokable and can produce delicious terpenes.

2) Auto-flowering Cannabis Seeds

Growers Choice Seeds also have a dozen of auto-flowering seeds with therapeutic benefits. These seeds are popular for home growers, especially for those growing indoors and have limited space for their garden. These plants can grow from small to medium. These plants have a fast-flowering period; thus, they can also be harvested in a short period compared to regular plants. Most of these plants are easy to grow. At Growers, they are also giving customers options with their auto-flowering, and with their abled customer service representatives, they can be able to assist customers regarding their queries on auto-flowering seeds. 

3) Medical Cannabis Seeds

Are you looking for medical cannabis seeds? Then Growers Choice is the best place to go. They have a wide variety of medical cannabis seeds on their website that you can choose from. You can be assured that the cannabis seeds are of high quality. These medical cannabis seeds have low THC content and high CBD content. This means that the seed that you are getting has a less or minimal psychedelic effect and a more therapeutic effect. It can bring about the healing benefit without the “high,” which is very common to cannabis seeds with high THC content. Growers Choice Seeds offers an excellent selection of medicinal cannabis seeds that can treat a variety of medical conditions. 

Whatever seed you need, Growers make sure that you will receive top-quality seeds at a reasonable price. The best thing about Growers is that they are not just into selling their products, but they make sure that their customer gets the best of what they have. They assist customers with their queries and offer helpful suggestions as per customer’s request.

Customer Service

Growers Choice Seeds is best known for their good and reliable customer service and support. At Growers, they believe that customer satisfaction is a priority. They have amicable and knowledgeable customer service representatives that can cater to customer queries and questions and provide them with the assistance that they need. Customer service is open via phone, and you can leave a message on their website. Chat support is available, and their response rate is high. 

Website Usability

Growers Choice Seeds website is user friendly and is pleasant to the eyes. You can get so much information at a glance. It is very organized and is giving enough information for the user to understand, especially when it comes to their products. The website features very important and helpful resources that can guide the customer through thru growing journey and provide them with helpful tips and information. 

The website is well written and well presented and contains the gist of what they want to tell their costumers. It has specific sections for promotional and announcements. Growers also offer loyalty programs for regular customers and show them their loyalty points.

The Growers Choice Seeds website is easy to use, and it provides customers the information that they need without any complications. It shows a simple communication between them and the customer.

Price and Payment Methods

Growers choice accepts the following payment method:

  • Credit Card – It should be Visa or Mastercard approved for International use.
  • Payment via Email – this method is preferred as it is easier to process. By paying through e-mail, you will receive an extra 3-seed pack as an incentive.
  • Cryptocurrency – Growers Choice Seeds accepts BitCoin, Litecoin, or Ethereum.
  • ACH Electronic Checks – this is bank to bank transfers, which can take up to 7 days.
  • Zelle (U.S only ) – no transaction fees 
  • E-Transfer (Canada) – no transaction fees

Growers will email you with instructions on how to complete your payment and to keep you secured.

Payment can also be sent by mail order form, but this may take several days to process (3-5 business days). This also means that you allow the company to take at least 3-5 business days to receive your payment before they send you your order.

Like most websites, Growers Choice Seeds policy is no products or orders shall be processed or ship until payment has been made.

Delivery Rates and Shipping Times

At Growers, customer’s time and privacy are very important. Growers Choice Seed takes pride in their fast, reliable, discreet shipping. They give customers tracking details so they can track their orders. 

Growers have an easy and transparent ordering system with a flat rate shipping rate per order. They also offer to ship to other countries, given that customers should determine the legalities of cannabis in their countries. Growers Choice Seeds will not hold responsible for any legal issues that may arise regarding a customer’s order.


Growers Choice Seeds is a reputable seed bank that offers high-quality seeds at a very reasonable price. They offer affordable cannabis seeds without compromising quality. They also have reliable and knowledgeable customer service that gives genuine and very helpful support. At Growers, it is important to let their customers an easy and amicable buying experience. 

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