Green Crack Vs Blue Dream

Green Crack Vs Blue Dream

We are now pitting Green Crack vs Blue Dream, two classics, is one better than the other? Both strains come with enchanting flavors, tastes, and effects as both can reduce stress and ease the pain. Green Crack has almost the same amount of THC and CBD as Blue Dream and thus, we could be looking at a tie. Blue Dream and Green Crack are both stately sativas that grows well outdoors or in a spacious and warm environment.

We have a side by side comparison of Green Crack vs Blue Dream to help you choose the best when it comes to flowering time, growing difficulty, yield amount, and many more.

Strain CharacteristicsGreen CrackBlue Dream
Sativa Percentage75%80%
Indica Percentage25%20%
Plant GeneticsSkunk #1Blueberry Indica x Haze
THC Amount21%24%
CBD Amount0.10%0.9%
Flowering Time9 weeks9 weeks
Overall HeightMediumTall
Smell, Aroma & TasteCitrusy, fruity, and earthyBerry, herbal and fruity
Yields Indoor500 grams per square meter600 grams per square meter
Yields Outdoor550 grams per plant600 grams per plant
Harvest Time OutdoorsFinal weeks of SeptemberFinal weeks of October
Growing DifficultyModerateModerate
Similar Weed StrainsTriple Cheese, Doc’s OG, and Tangerine DreamBlue Hawaiian, Blueberry, and Silver Haze
Positive EffectsHappy, uplifted, and energeticRelaxing, happy, and euphoric
Side EffectsDry mouth, dry eyes, and anxietyDry mouth, dry eyes, and paranoia
Medical EffectsDepression, pain, stress, and fatigueAches and pains, depression and stress


Green Crack vs Blue Dream may be called out as a tie. This is because both strains have almost the same characteristics. Both are sativas, with almost the same THC and CBD content and both will bloom at exactly 9 weeks. There are some differences when it comes to taste and smell but both have fruity undertones that will remain in your senses. When it comes to effects, both offer happy and energetic effects with the same side effects and similar medical uses. So whether you’re a medical or recreational user, you can bet on Green Crack or Blue Dream.

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