Gorilla Glue Vs. Super Glue Strain

Gorilla Glue Vs. Super Glue Strain

Ever wonder why some strains are so named? Or what the differences are between marijuana strains such as Gorilla Glue and Super Glue strain. Today, I’m going to compare, Gorilla Glue vs Super Glue strain.

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Gorilla Glue AKA Gorilla Glue #1 is a 50/50 hybrid strain favorite for users looking for a powerful highs. This strain, which is also known as GG#1, is a cross between Sour Dubb and Chocolate Diesel. The effects of Gorilla Glue are very euphoric with a strong body high that is energizing and motivating.

Super Glue Strain known as “Tacky Glue,” is an Indica hybrid cannabis strain relaxing and energetic high bred by sedism. The Super Glue strain is one of the best strains for pain relief and insomnia, which makes it great for treating conditions such as migraines, joint pain, anxiety, and depression.

Strain Appearance

Strain CharacteristicsGorilla Glue SuperGlue
Sativa Percentage50%40%
Indica Percentage50%60%
Plant GeneticsChem’s Sister x Chocolate Diesel x Sour DubbAfghani x Northern Light
THC Amount25%-28%18% to 23%
CBD Amount1.00%0.42%
Flowering Time8-9 weeks9-10 weeks
Overall HeightTallMedium
Smell, Aroma & TasteEarthy, pine, sweet, chocolate, coffeeSweet, diesel, chemical, woody, pine, citrus
Yields Indoor18 ounces per square meter14 to 18 ounces per square meter
Yields Outdoor16 ounces or more per plant14 to 22 ounces per plant
Harvest Time OutdoorsMiddle of OctoberLate October
Growing DifficultyEasyDifficult
Positive EffectsRelaxed, Focused, and UpliftedUplifted, Happy, Relaxed, Focused
Side EffectsDry mouth, dry eyes, dizzyDry eyes, dry mouth, dizzy
Medical Effectspain, insomnia, depression, lack of appetiteStress, Pain, Depression, Insomnia


This strain is known for its high levels of THC, which makes it ideal for those who are looking for a strong high. The effects of this strain include happiness, euphoria and relaxation. The smell of this strain is sweet with hints of pine and caramel, which makes it enjoyable to smoke even if you aren’t interested in getting high.

Superglue strain has lower THC levels than Gorilla Glue but still has enough potency to help with stress and anxiety. It also has a relaxing effect on the body and can help you get focused. The aroma is sweet with hints of pine and caramel but isn’t as strong as the smell from Gorilla Glue Strain.

Taste and Smell

Gorilla Glue smells and tastes like coffee, mocha, and a hint of pine. The Superglue strain smells like pine and has a sweet caramel aroma to it.


We hope you enjoyed learning about these two amazing strains. They’re both great for treating a wide range of ailments, from chronic pain to anxiety and depression. If you’re looking for an uplifting strain that will leave you feeling relaxed but not sleepy, then Gorilla Glue might be the right choice for you!

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