Gorilla Glue Vs Blue Dream

Gorilla Glue Vs Blue Dream

Two very different cannabis strains are face to face: Gorilla Glue vs Blue Dream. Gorilla Glue is an indica-dominant strain that came from very prominent parents and has steep THC content. This is a tall plant that can produce good yields, ideal for first-time growers. Meanwhile, Blue Dream is a sativa dominant strain that has high THC and promises early flowering and good yields. Both strains are perfect for recreational and medicinal growers.

We have a side by side comparison of Gorilla Glue vs Blue Dream to help you choose the best when it comes to flowering time, growing difficulty, yield amount, and many more.

Strain CharacteristicsGorilla GlueBlue Dream
Sativa Percentage50%80%
Indica Percentage50%20%
Plant GeneticsChem’s Sister x Chocolate DieselBlueberry Indica x Haze
THC Amount25 to 28%24%
CBD Amount1%0.9%
Flowering Time8 to 9 weeks9 weeks
Overall HeightTallTall
Smell, Aroma & TasteCoffee, sour, sweet, and dieselBerry, herbal and fruity
Yields Indoor18 ounces per square meter600 grams per square meter
Yields Outdoor18 ounces per plant600 grams per plant
Harvest Time OutdoorsFirst weeks of OctoberFinal weeks of October
Growing DifficultyEasyModerate
Similar Weed StrainsCookie Monster, Sour Kush, OG Kush, Grape Ape, and Monster CookiesBlue Hawaiian, Blueberry, and Silver Haze
Positive EffectsRelaxing, happy, uplifting, and euphoricRelaxing, happy, and euphoric
Side EffectsDry mouth, dry eyes, anxiety, paranoia, and dizzinessDry mouth, dry eyes, and paranoia
Medical EffectsAches and pains, stress, depression, and poor appetiteAches and pains, depression and stress


When it comes to Gorilla Glue vs Blue Dream, the best strain will depend on what you want in a cannabis strain. If you’re a beginner grower and you want more yields and faster flowering with no frills then Gorilla Glue is the best for you. But if you’re into stimulating sativas and you have had experience growing cannabis then, the Blue Dream strain could be the right strain. Both strains offer good natural and medicinal effects perfect for therapeutic and recreational growers.

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