Elev8 Seeds Review

Elev8 Seeds Review

Elev8 seeds were created to provide the finest quality genetics comprising old-school classics and modern flavor strains. In addition, it has an outstanding selection of cannabis with excellent customer service.

The impressive work philosophy of Elev8 seeds and their many contacts have allowed them to develop a genetic base for developing new hybrids. As a result, they produce high-quality standards by combining some of the most revered plants.

The seed bank has logical ideas regarding creating new marijuana seed varieties that deliver the best results. They use the best quality plants as parents to develop stabilized genetics while rejecting amalgams that are poor.

Here is everything you need to know about the Elev8 cannabis breeder. They have created many cannabis strains with excellent ratings.

Background of Elev8 Seeds

Elev8 Seeds is a Canadian seed bank. It was created to develop some of the best cannabis seeds that provide value to the world. The brand only keeps marijuana strains that offer the best effect while rejecting any second-rate seeds.

The company works with extensive medical marijuana growers to compare strains and select the best one. They believe the quality of seeds’ genetics determines the quality of the plant that grows. Since most strains on the market are mediocre, Elev8 focuses on creating marijuana with the best genetics possible. They use a tailored breeding strategy to produce only the highest quality Indica and Sativa seed strains.

Before Elev8 creates new strains, they set their breeding goals of what they want to achieve. They specialize in preserving elite clone-only variants and reproducing them in seed form. Through backcrossing and meticulous selection, they have come up with some of the highest quality flowers that taste and smell like sweet candy.

The Company’s Philosophy

In the last decades, Elev8 has produced some of the most famous cannabis seeds. They have a three-fold breeding strategy that allows them to develop high-quality seeds.

The first part is to preserve and breed seeds from classic strains that are vulnerable to genetic deterioration. They seek the best examples of seeds getting lost to history from its network of breeder contacts. After cross-breeding them through five generations, you get improved genetic quality. Thus, the company will have maintained the superior genetics of clone-only strains using the best phenotypes. An example is the Sour Diesel and UK Cheese strains.

Elev8 focuses on the modern amateur grower-produced clone strains such as the Bruce Banner in their second strategy. For example, they find variants discovered by amateur growers and develop them to preserve them for posterity.

In the third model, the seed bank creates new cannabis seeds from the currently available elite genetics. They reject any average strains and select the elite genetics for a specific breeding program. This means any progeny that doesn’t satisfy their expectations is discarded. They keep variants that excel in terms of potency, smell, taste, and effect.

The company also has a collection of elite clones that allows them to breed and produce first-class hybrids. Their seeds have a 100% germination guarantee and high yield. They preserve and offer growers access to cannabis classics in seed form.

Cannabis Seed Quality and Variety

Elev8’s varied selection includes regular, feminized, and auto-flowering seed strains to provide growers with a breadth of options and variety. It offers several feminized seeds representing the highest quality standards. They develop these seeds using a clone crossed with different parental plants. Whenever creating new seed varieties, they offer all kinds to meet the varying demands of various growers.

You will also find regular seeds by Elev8. The Do-Si-dos is one of the most sought-after seed varieties in the world. Elev8 used this incredible strain to create several hybrids in the shape of Dosi Sherbet and Dosi-D. Their hybrid offers fast-growing seeds with high yields.

You will find an Indica-dominant hybrid with a uniquely strong Sativa taste, providing a clear mental break. It can help you replace anxiety with inner peace with a calming effect that spreads quickly throughout the body.

Elev8 Seeds Strains

The LSD strain by Elev8 provides a deep calming high that will relax your mind. If you have overactive thoughts, this is a must-try strain. It is also ideal for anyone with anxiety looking for a mental break.

You can also try the Gorilla Glue, considered by many as one of the most potent strains in existence. This strain is rated as the best hybrid with extreme potency and high yield. When growing the seeds, they flower within nine weeks.

The Gelato hybrid combines gassy cookies of GMO with exotic fruit cookies of Gelato. It creates a unique terpene profile and potency that won’t disappoint you.

Another example of Elev8 impressive seeds is the Strawberry Diesel. It delivers an exceptional level of flavor and potency. This strain is an amalgam of Strawberry Cough and Sour Diesel strains.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is Elev8 Seeds Legit?

Yes, Eleve8 Seeds is one of the most trusted online seed banks.

Does Elev8 Seeds Ship to the US?

Yes, Elev8 seeds ship to the United States and Canada.

Bottom Line, Elev8 Seeds Review

When purchasing cannabis, find a strain that will knock you off your feet. Elev8 produces seeds that deliver the rare connoisseur quality. Whether you want THC or CBD products, their highly potent strains have an almost instant effect.

It will not take you long to realize the quality of Elev8 genetics and how it determines your outcomes. The products have a great taste, providing you with the satisfaction that will last a long time. The seed bank has built relationships with some talented breeders and growers to get the best genetics. They know how to produce a good cannabis seed that will provide superior genetics.

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