Eating A Cough Drop Before Smoking Weed – An Unusual Combination?

Whether you’re an experienced cannabis user or a novice, one thing is pretty consistent: many people are continually seeking ways to enhance their smoking experience. Among several unstated cannabis ‘life-hacks’ that often circulate among consumers is the practice of eating a cough drop before smoking weed. This article aims to explore this peculiar combination and shed light on why it is practiced by some.

The Theory

The underlying idea here is largely physiological. Cough drops, also known as throat lozenges, are primarily designed to soothe the throat and suppress coughing. They contain ingredients like menthol, eucalyptus oil, or sometimes anesthetic substances which numbs the throat.

When you smoke weed, the hot smoke hits the pharynx and can cause throat irritation or coughing. By having a cough drop beforehand, the theory is that the menthol can cool and numb the throat, potentially easing the harshness of the smoke and reducing the coughing reflex.

Potential Benefits

Here are some potential benefits of this method:

1. Smoother Smoking Experience

Eating a cough drop before smoking weed can, in theory, offer a smoother experience for smokers, especially for those who are new to smoking or those who might have sensitive throats. The cooling sensation often associated with cough drops could offset some of the heat from the smoke.

2. Enhanced Flavors

Many cannabis enthusiasts find that cough drops can subtly enhance the flavor. Depending on the flavor of the lozenge, it could add a nice contrast to the earthy taste of cannabis, bringing a unique twist to the usual experience.

3. Reduced Cough

Lozenges are designed to suppress coughing. In the context of smoking weed, a cough drop could help keep coughing spells in check and ultimately contribute to a more comfortable session.

Things to Consider

While it’s plausible that having a cough drop before smoking weed could offer some relative comfort, it’s crucial to iterate that this is not a scientifically-proven method nor a health-related advice. Anyone and especially those with respiratory issues should assess their individual tolerance level before trying it out. Also, keep in mind that cough drops aren’t a long-term solution to the adverse effects of smoking.

Alternatives to the Standard Joint

Remember, if the coughing or throat irritation from smoking weed is hard to manage, other alternatives are available. Vaporizing, using edibles, tinctures, or oils could offer you the cannabis experience without the smoke-related drawbacks.

In Closing

Whether eating a cough drop before smoking weed enhances your experience or not, depends largely on personal preference and individual experiences. As always, ensure that whatever method you choose to consume your weed is done responsibly and with an emphasis on personal comfort and safety.

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