Durban Poison Cannabis Strain Review

Durban Poison Cannabis Strain Review

Everybody would certainly want to have a classic, particularly if the quality of such a classic is brought about by organic cultivation, and abundant love and care. This is how Durban Poison is cultivated. This strain gives you that alertness that can lead you to have a very productive day. It offers that great, uplifting high, which is often accompanied by the need to go out and explore possibilities. Durban Poison is also not a stranger to receiving awards.

This strain is also 100% Sativa which has already been around ever since the latter part of the 70s. It was named after Durban, a port city in South Africa. It is also considered one of the foundations of the modern pool of marijuana DNA, crossed with different other strains.

Distinct Qualities

One thing that you would immediately notice after seeing a batch of Durban Poison is that it is really a gorgeous strain to look at. It is filled with trichomes, seemingly begging to be smoked. It is also distinct in its pale sage green hue with deep, robust, orange hairs. By appearance alone, there is no wonder why Durban Poison is one of the award-winning strains there is.

In terms of smell, one thing that can be detected right away is its delightful, sweet flavor. There is also a hint of sour aroma which also combines with a strong pine smell, coming after the initial sweet offer. The aroma, in general, is neat, without the skunky and earthy characteristics which are generally common among standard sativas.

The Durban Poison strain is considered legendary because of its electric effects, filing any user with that buzzing type of energy, and flurry of mental alertness. It is certainly the best variety if you are interested in having a productive day; despite its strong qualities, it does not get in the way of your mental processes, thus still allowing you to continue with that high level perfect for any busy day.

This strain is known to enhance sociability and is often considered the best companion if you are interested in engaging in an extended conversation, or any activity. The smoke is both memorable and smooth, with a fruity taste that is quite reminiscent of the strain Jack Herer when it comes to producing a grapefruit exhale.

Information for Growers

Durban Poison is a great strain for different growers. It is very easy to grow, with a fast flowering phase. It also produces an above-average yield, with resin content levels that make it a perfect choice for any garden. While the original strain from Africa prefers warmer temperatures, which means that it loves the indoor growing environment. However, through the years, this strain has adapted further to milder climates, thus becoming a favorite among Colorado and California growers.

Medical Qualities

Durban Poison is also found to be really effective when it comes to providing treatment to certain medical conditions such as migraine, anti-nausea, as well as appetite stimulation. With its 16.76% THC content level, it also produces a high that is good enough right to hit the spot. The good news is that it is not yet so high that might result in an irrational incident of paranoia. As mentioned, this strain is perfect for those who would love to go outdoors and explore possibilities in the outer world. Aside from feeling the urge to engage in physical activities, it is also greatly cognitive, which means that it is perfect for activities such as crafting, writing, painting, drawing, inventing, composing, and doing other things creative. However, just a note, you may need to lock in your refrigerator, because you will have an increased appetite after a smoking session.

Bottom Line

All in all, Durban Poison is really a true Sativa of a strain. It does all the things that you can expect out of a Sativa strain. It comes with a phenomenal aroma, amazing flavor, with a great effect. Aside from its recreational uses, this strain is also well appreciated in the medical world. It is known to help people who are suffering from depression, as it can have any depression sufferer smiling and giggling towards the end of the day. At the same time, if you are suffering from appetite loss, this strain is also perfect for you. Smokers will certainly appreciate that it can shoot heads out into the clouds while leaving their bodies behind.

At the same time, Durban Poison is also great for growers as it is very easy to grow, with fast flowering nature. With its high resin content and above-average production level, you can easily grow it in your garden. It prefers outdoor growing, which means that it also naturally has mold resistance capabilities. If any of the mentioned flavors, aesthetics, effects, and growing preferences spiked your interest, this strain is highly recommended for you.

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