Dr. Greenthumb Seeds Review

Dr. Greenthumb Seeds Review

Good cannabis seed banks are hard to find and in fact, only a few can be called legit and experienced seed banks even in Canada. One of these reputable seed banks is Dr. Greenthumb Seed Shoppe. This seed bank is also a cannabis seeds grower that cultivates professionally cultivated marijuana seeds for outdoor or indoor growing.  Haven’t heard of Dr. Greenthumb yet or you’re still unsure about the company? Have no fear, this Dr. Greenthumb Seeds review will help you find out more about this company and if it is worth your time and your money.


  • Ships to Canadian customers in just 24 hours
  • Offers free international shipping through regular mail
  • US customer can pay using money orders from 7-11, Walmart, and Western Union
  • Carefully hand-picks their seeds to get reliable and forgiving strains
  • Has the newest and most popular strains in the market
  • All seeds are certified disease-free seeds made in Canada


  • Does not accept credit cards
  • Shipment with tracking numbers is available only in  Canada
  • Orders are processed through a printable order form which is sent to Dr. Greenthumb’s headquarters.
  • With limited contact information
  • With limited seeds strains and seed types

About Dr. Greenthumb Seeds

Dr. Greenthumb Seeds has been growing and distributing cannabis seeds for 25 years. They are headquartered in Eastern Canada where the climate is the best for growing the best quality cannabis seeds. The company has only a few strains in their catalog but they guarantee that these strains are among the best quality, forgiving, and disease-free strains. Check out Dr. Greenthumb’s official site and you’ll find this company a bit different from other seed banks.

Seed Quality – 4.5 out of 5

Dr. Greenthumb stands by its promise of great quality seeds.  The company guarantees customers the great growing results that they have been looking for especially when it comes to yield and potency. Also, Dr. Greenthumb promotes their disease-free seeds as buying seeds from non-reliable sources can give you poor quality, disease-infested seeds. This is why medical cannabis growers prefer to buy medical-grade cannabis seeds at Dr. Greenthumb.

Strain Selection – 3 out of 5

A beginner may find it hard to order from Dr. Greenthumb as their strains are not classified according to seed types. The strains are alphabetically arranged on one side of the screen together with the newest or the most popular strains and unless you know the strain’s characteristics, you won’t be able to order anything at all. 

Customer Service – 3 out of 5

The only way to reach Dr. Greenthumb’s customer service is by phone and by email. Most customers who were able to order from the seed bank complained that it was hard to reach the company by phone. Meanwhile, orders via email were also a challenge since most had to send another email for follow-up. Customer service is also unavailable most days and hours of the day.

Customer Reviews – 3.5 out of 5

Many who have tried ordering from Dr. Greenthumb were pleased to finally receive their orders because it takes a very long time for orders to arrive. Many were unsatisfied with the payment methods plus the limited shipment methods available as well. Also, because credit card payment is no longer available, many customers were displeased.

Payment Methods – 3 out of 5

Dr. Greenthumb has very limited payment options. The company only accepts certified checks, money orders, and bank drafts. Money orders sent from Walmart, Western Union, 7-11, and other stores are accepted. Credit cards are not accepted as well as money orders sent through the US Post Office.

Shipping – 3.5 out of 5

There is no stealth shipping, only regular letter mail and express method with tracking. Deliveries within Canada will take only 24 hours while outside Canada orders can take more than a few weeks. If you want to track your orders, you will need to pay an additional $35 for Tracked Express Shipment. There is free shipping worldwide but your orders will be sent through regular mail.

Discounts and Promos – 2.5 out of 5

At the moment, there are no promos or discounts offered. Previously, there were discounts for their new stains and bestselling strains.

Frequently Asked Questions

Does Dr. Greenthumb deliver seeds abroad?

Yes, this seed bank delivers to customers from anywhere in the world.

Will Dr. Greenthumb deliver using the stealth delivery method?

No, Dr. Greenthumb does not use stealth delivery to send orders. Only regular orders or express orders with tracking.

What is the currency accepted at Dr. Greenthumb?

The currency featured on the official website of Dr. Greeenthumb is USD and CAD. Every product is featured with the price per seed pack in USD and CAD.


Dr. Greenthumb is focused on producing quality, disease-free cannabis seeds and thus, you can guarantee that you’ll be getting the best cannabis seeds for growing indoors or outdoors. However, it may not be easy to order from the company as they have limited strains available, have limited payment options, and delivery options available as well. We recommend ordering at your own risk.

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