Does Orange Juice Make You Higher?

There is a popular belief, especially amongst cannabis enthusiasts, which has been passed down from generation to generation – the assumption that consuming orange juice can intensify or prolong a cannabis high. This article aims to delve into the science behind the connection between orange juice and cannabis and uncover whether this tale has any validity.

The Rumor

For years, cannabis consumers have sworn by the claim that drinking orange juice can enhance their high. While some individuals argue that orange juice simply smooths the experience of being high, others suggest it increases the intensity or duration of the effects. The believed correlation has spurred much debate in the cannabis community and has left many curious to know whether this correlation is substantiated by scientific evidence.

The Science Behind It

The primary psychoactive compound in cannabis is delta-9-tetrahydrocannabinol (THC). The supposed connection between the citrusy drink and cannabis is founded on the belief that certain elements in orange juice are thought to impact the processing of THC in the body.

The key compound associated with this claim is terpene limonene, found copiously in citrus fruits, including oranges. Limonene is assumed to impact the rate of THC absorption in the body. Aside from the terpene, Vitamin C, also found in excessive amounts in oranges, is theorized to have some interaction with the euphoric effects of cannabis.

The Reality

While the theory sounds plausible, it’s necessary to note that there is not yet any substantial scientific research backing this claim. Although it’s known that limonene and Vitamin C can influence mood and stress levels, the argument that these compounds can alter the psychoactive effects of THC remains purely speculative.

The assumption appears to find its roots in the psychedelic community, where orange juice is believed to amplify the effects of psilocybin mushrooms – a claim that also lacks substantial scientific evidence.

Worth Considering

Despite the lack of concrete evidence, there’s no harm in enjoying a glass of orange juice while consuming cannabis, especially if it helps you stay hydrated and enjoy the experience more. The placebo effect might also play a role in the perception of an intensified high.

Furthermore, certain cannabis strains have a higher concentration of limonene, and as a result, possess a citrusy aroma. If you’re seeking a more impactful experience from cannabis, opting for these strains might be more beneficial than drinking orange juice.


In conclusion, while the idea of orange juice intensifying a cannabis high seems enticing and rooted in surface-level science, it lacks substantial evidence, remaining in the realm of cannabis urban legend. As research in cannabis and its effects become more advanced, perhaps a more definite answer will emerge.

For now, whether orange juice increases your high appears to be a matter of personal experience more than science. Until then, feel free to enjoy your cannabis in the manner that suits you best and makes the experience the most enjoyable. Respect the plant, understand your body’s tolerance levels, drink responsibly, and remember, the enjoyment of cannabis extends far beyond just the high.

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