Best Tasting Weed

Top 10 Best Tasting Weed

Cannabis comes with natural chemical compounds which are responsible for its recreational effects, medicinal effects as well as the taste and aroma of the strain. It is said that these components enhance the effects and the flavor of different strains. These components also determine if a strain tastes delicious or otherwise. And when it comes …

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Best Strains for Anxiety

Best Strains for Anxiety

With the rise of more authority-based, vested research into the marijuana phenomenon, there has also been a near equal rise in using the best weed for anxiety purposes and other ailments that cause all sorts of pain. So, if you have nervous breakdowns and depression, you might want to invest in the best quality weed …

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Best Regular Weed Seeds

Best Regular Weed Seeds

With regular weed seeds or photoperiod marijuana seeds, you can grow female and male plants altogether. You can breed new plants, make new strains, or produce more seeds. Regular cannabis plants need extra help when flowering as this needs a strict 12-hour light and 12-hour dark period to stimulate flowering, this is why these plants …

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Exotic Strains 

Cannabis Exotic Strains 

Exotic strains are among some of the most sought-after and highly valued cannabis plants. These plants go through many years of genetic breeding and selection, each generation producing a more desirable plant than the last until finally reaching the pinnacle of growing perfection. Exotic strains are typically hybrid strains but can also be pure varieties …

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