Buying Marijuana Seeds in Norway

Buying Marijuana Seeds in Norway: Is Weed Legal in Norway?

A growing number of countries worldwide are decriminalizing marijuana use for recreational and medicinal purposes, leading to a surge in interest around cultivation. However, in Norway, marijuana cultivation and consumption are still largely illegal. This guide aims to help readers understand the nuances of the laws on buying and growing marijuana seeds in Norway. It includes helpful information about the legality, strains, cultivation tips, and the best seed banks that ship to Norway.

Legal Status: Is Weed Legal in Norway?

As of 2021, marijuana is essentially illegal in Norway, encompassing the cultivation, possession, sale, and use. The prohibition includes marijuana seeds, making buying and growing such seeds illegal under the Norwegian law. However, there have been recent signs of change. In December 2017, the Norwegian Parliament announced plans to decriminalize personal drug usage as part of a comprehensive reform of its national drug policies. The new proposal, expected to fully take effect in 2022, could potentially give way to a shift in perspective regarding marijuana use in the future, but for now, the practices of cultivation, buying and growing seeds remain formally illegal.

How to Buy Marijuana Seeds in Norway

Given the existing laws, trying to source marijuana seeds for cultivation within Norway is very risky. The good news, however, is that there are international seed banks online that discreetly ship marijuana seeds globally, including Norway. These seed banks operate from countries where marijuana cultivation is legal, allowing Norwegian residents to order seeds as “souvenirs.” Doing so involves a fair share of risk, but many people choose to go down this path.

Best Seed Banks Shipping to Norway

Several reputable seed banks ship marijuana seeds to Norway. Here are some of them:

ILoveGrowingMarijuana (ILGM)

One of the most trusted online seed banks, offering stealth shipping to Norway. ILGM also stands out for its customer service and germination guarantees.


Based in the Netherlands, MSNL is known for the superior genetics of its seeds and offers discreet shipping methods to Norway.

Crop King Seeds

With a wide variety of cannabis strains including high-CBD varieties, Crop King Seeds provides stealth shipping to Norway.

Remember, these services are provided as a way to preserve marijuana genetics for future use – germination of the seeds is a legal implication as per current Norwegian laws.

Growing Marijuana: Tips for Cultivation

Norway’s climate offers challenges for outdoor cultivation. However, indoor growth setups can be successful given the right care. Here are some essential growing tips:

  1. Climate Control: Marijuana plants require a temperate, controlled climate. Indoor hydroponic setups or using grow tents can provide an optimal environment.
  2. Lighting: Marijuana plants rely heavily on lighting, so investing in good quality grow lights is essential for indoor cultivation.
  3. Soil and Nutrients: Good quality soil and the correct nutrients play a critical role in the plant’s growth.
  4. Pruning: Regular pruning can help optimize the plant’s growth.
  5. Pest Control: Regularly monitoring your plants for pests – common indoor pests include spider mites.

Recommended Strains

Resistance to cold and disease is crucial in a climate like Norway’s. Here are a few recommendations:

Northern Lights

Resistant to many common diseases and able to cope with colder climates, Northern Lights is a great choice for a beginner to intermediate growers.

Blue Cheese

This strain is known for its disease resistance and vigorous growth.

White Widow

A strain that is exceptionally resistant to colder climates and adaptable to various other environmental conditions.

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While the current state of marijuana law in Norway restricts the legal buying and growing of cannabis seeds, the country is observing a shift in its drug policy, which could potentially change its restrictive laws. Those who choose to grow must do so responsibly and understand the legal implications.

The information provided here is meant to be a comprehensive guide, and is in no way encouraging illegal activity. It’s always essential to abide by the existing laws in Norway regarding marijuana cultivation and use. For those interested in pushing for change, consider getting involved with advocacy groups who are working to reform marijuana laws in the country.

When considering buying cannabis seeds from online seed banks, do your research and ensure to buy only from reputed sources. Despite the legal risks, maintaining the genetic diversity and value of cannabis is a motive many Norwegian residents resonate with. As always, stay updated on marijuana legislation changes in your area to ensure compliance.

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