Blue Widow Cannabis Strain Review

Blue Widow Cannabis Strain Review

Blue Widow is an Indica hybrid strain that was cultivated by combining Blueberry and White Widow strains. This lineage is considered formidable because both of these strains are actually winners at the High Times Cannabis Cup. The resulting weed strain produces a distinct, clear-headed, well-defined stone, alongside some visual effects. It is quite sugary and pale in appearance and produces pungent smells which is a combination of fresh, piney scent and yummy candy. Clearly reminiscent of its Blueberry heritage, it also produces a sweet, fruity, and berry taste.

Distinct Qualities

The budding of the Blue Widow strain is quite slow at first, eventually exploding with some orange hairs, as it forms rock-solid, thick clusters that are completely covered with abundant shiny glands, with all of them possessing blue hues right to the top. Its good side branching is also noticeable as it forms some dense solid buds that are filled with resin everywhere, right in between its thick, small leaves.

This hybrid strain has also been created primarily to create taste, flavor, and color that are quite distinctive. The extremely intense sour and sweet taste of White Widow, along with Blueberry’s forest berry aroma, produces fruity sweets which also have some traces and hints of chewing gum. Because of its Blueberry heritage, this strain may also display some autumnal colors in low temperatures outdoors. This means that it can turn from blue to purple, and may even reach having reddish colors as the temperature continues to drop even further. It also has the tendency to display some huge intermodal distance at the same time.

Information for Growers

In an outdoor environment, the Blue Widow strain may have the tendency to grow as tall, as up to three meters, producing robust side stems, along with short, sturdy leaves, as well as sticky, large buds that are filled with heavy coats of resin. As this strain continues to mature, the buds and leaves start to show some deepening shades of purple and blue, with buds displaying orange hairs.

In an outdoor growing environment, it may reach up to three meters tall, which, together with a good and dry weight of production, ensures high yield, thanks to the precocity of its mother strain, Blue, alongside the sedative capabilities of its father strain. It also produces a good amount of fat, and purplish buds that are coated totally with trichomes. It is also evident of great mold resistance. However, it should also be noted that particular care should be given especially during the last two weeks of its flowering phase, since the bud size can significantly increase, eventually leading to mold appearance. It can also survive well when it is grown in the Mediterranean or continental climate, where it can easily develop all of its aromatic potentials.

On the other hand, in an indoor environment, the Blue Widow strain is also a great candidate under the SCROG growing method, with the use of either soil or hydro as a medium. It may actually be a slow starter. However, the moment the buds start to appear, they can also increase in size quite rapidly. The flowering time may take up to seven to eight weeks, with yields that can be about 500 grams per square meter.

With all of these qualities, it is highly possible for growing Blue Widow in an outdoor environment, especially if you live in a place that can get a lot of warm sunshine all throughout the entire summer. It should also be noted that this strain performs less well in an outdoor environment, such as the colder climate of Northern Europe.

Medical Qualities

The THC content level of this skunk-type weed is between 12% and 16%. With such a content level, it is often considered more powerful and even equipped with an even better high than other strains under its family. As a medical marijuana strain, it is also well recommended in providing treatment for medical conditions such as nausea, and headaches. It is also an appetite-inducing strain, which means that it can also work well for those who are suffering from appetite-related issues. It also offers mild to moderate pain relief.

Bottom Line

To conclude, the Blue Widow strain is loved by connoisseurs because of its attractive and fruity flavor, together with its cerebral, stimulating high. If you have a good space for indoor growing, as well as a good level of green thumb competency, you can actually expect to get great yields by growing the Blue Widow strain. At the same time, it is also well-loved by medical marijuana patients. It is an amazing pain fighter, delivering complete body relaxation, which results in uptightness in both mind and body. It also results in a powerful potency which is perfect as a medical marijuana strain.

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