Best Weed for Sex

Best Weed for Sex that Will Make You Better in Bed

The age of medical and recreational cannabis or marijuana has hit an interesting peak. Now, we can finally talk about the best weed for sex in the bedroom. And, there been much experimentation with regards to how much it affects you before, during, and after the lovemaking process.

If you are in need of inspiration and increased performance in the sack, then you might be interested in what could quite possibly be a recommended list of the best strains of weed for sex, and how each one can take your prowess with your lover to the next level of experience. 

Top 10 Best Weed For Sex

Purple Grandaddy

Itis usually a strain of Indica that is known for relaxing the body as much as it relaxes the mind, which is pretty much a sure sign that you are going to do as well as you can in the lovemaking session. The high factor compounds found in its CBD content makes for its use in medical intervention quite apparent for those who are in the know, but the CBD (coupled with some THC) also makes this the perfect material for getting you in the mood for an activity that needs your inhibitions to just go and get yourself under the ground.  You will come off as relaxed, happy and musky.

Trainwreck Ultimate

Itis a strain that runs through your like a zapper on steroids, aided by a citrus based scent after you did with this strain.  And with quite the high THC content level, it will leave your mind and bodies’ pain signals all but obliterated to the point of a non-issue. Coupled with state of alert arousal that a high THC content can have, you will most probably feel like a train wreck after of (perhaps) aggressive and innovative lovemaking.

Blue Cheese

It is a strain that certainly does not taste or look like those commercial cheeses, but tastes more the hints of the cheese that is fermented in many traditional vat containers over the old countries of Europe. But, this Indica based strain is designed to make you a little bit more mellow than you are, until you find a good dose of its THC content surge and bursts up to make you feel different aspects of brain enough for you to be creative, and adding some level of innovation to your lovemaking process.


Itis a strain that does not promise so many things but what it does promise, it delivers. It has a beautiful balance between its structure in Sativa and Indica and thus, has an almost equal amount of THC to CBD ratio, making it quite balance for a hybrid strain type. You normally would want a strong relaxation factor to let you be more open to intimacy or ramp the heck up the alertness factor so you could go all the session long without any breaks.

Jilly Bean

It is a strain that delivers on matters of lovemaking that have a lot to be with being in an experimental mood, and it is often a favorite among users for that very function. The relatively high THC content of this strain provides just enough co-factors to take away the pain without ruining the elevated feeling associated with high amounts of THC in the system, particularly the effects of euphoric uplifts that let you pass through certain ‘kinky’ barriers.

Girls Scout Cookies

It is a strain that is both a lauded production and one met with some confusion due to its deceivingly strong properties. This strain is dominant by way of Indica but it has a particularly strong Sativa kick to it, rounding off its CBD content with quite a high level of THC, making for a strong elevation sensation coupled with an equally relaxing sensation that is hard to find even in veteran picked favorites.


Itis a strain that lives up to the fiery, adventurous and outbursting nature of its namesake, which all but fuels so much when it comes to lovemaking sessions done on the first priority of the day. A Sativa strain that is quite pronounced, it spikes up its user with both levels of THC and CBD in quite the high marks. It hits quite fast and surges right through with an uplifting and elevating level of concentration that it will be hard to topple off and lower down as soon as it hits, and you will probably stay happy long after the lovemaking session, too.

Bubble Gum Kush

It is a strain that is without conjecture, really cute—when used well, it will be one of the best strains out there for that ideal lovemaking session scenario people only “dream” about. This strain has its dominance in Indica and its coupling with a THC content that ranks from moderate to high, depending on the scenario being introduced—leaving just enough for a strong surge while creating a grounding process during the deed itself.

Sour Diesel

The Sour Diesel is a strain that is probably not the most popular among many people’s connoisseur-like standards, but you would be pressed trying to find a strain that produces intensity like this one. It is a strain that is Sativa in dominance and it comes with a heavy dosage THC level that makes it greatly potent when it comes to the level that one might feel elevated sensations enough to be actually anxious (some would say).

Queen Dream

The Queen Dream is a strain that fits the bill (or the crown) just as well and is more akin to what a queen bee’s honey (the royal jelly) gives to people who are lucky enough to partake of its contents. This dominant Sativa strain is impressive by the way it can even rival the most elevated of THC contents when it comes to bringing performance to a far more elevated level than what could be imagined and it does not reek.

An Argument For The Best Single Best Weed Strain For Sex

Across many people who like to experiment and try out different things, there has been an increased awareness of the powers from a bowl of marijuana or cannabis. Everybody wants to “up their game” in the bedroom, with their lover and awaken a different side of themselves at each given lovemaking session.

But cannabis or marijuana has always been divided (by culture and by medicine) as either recreational or medicinal. And the medicinal “strains” of cannabis have always been associated with the amount of CBD or cannabidiol levels that a strain has.

CBD has all sorts of effects, but the most common one is the reduction of anxiety, of the relieving of pain and the relaxing of the senses. With all due respect towards this argument, this is not what you want out of imaginative and transforming love-making sessions.

If there is an argument to be made for the best weed strain for sex (if it was not clear in the list of strain recommendations), then the verdict, according to a great number of self-experimenters, aficionados and researchers interested in this area, falls towards THC or otherwise known as tetrahydrocannabinol.

Why Choose A THC Dominant Strain Over CBD Dominant Strain?

Cannabis as a whole has faced a load of the stigma behind much of its application during the early part of mass documented consumption. But, between cannabis strains, Sativa strains with a high concentration of THC has been more stigmatized even up to recent memory.

This is in particular, due to the medical research done correlating high THC dosages with an increased alertness, reactivity and elevation activity in the foremost areas of the neurological system and affecting the psychological makeup of the person on a minute to minute basis.

This is probably not what you want when it comes to patients on their death beds, or patients dealing with a severe case of illness and those that are just plain depressed from a case of trauma—you want to make them feel loved and relaxed by their own merits (CBD does this).

But, for the wildest, most imaginative and out of this world experience that lovemaking can bring, you want to be alert, reactive and “elevated”—psych-activity full-on. These are all wonderful go-to signs when it comes to this every primordial human act.

Can THC Dominant Strains, The Best Pot For Sex, Create A Possibility Of Too Much Psychosis?

Unfortunately, yes, too much THC can create a state of “psychosis”—a catch on the term for just about everything to do with a mind that is less than calm and more reactive to the things around them.

And, as much as THC or Sativa stains blessed with them can get heaven sent for those willing to take their lovemaking to another state of priorities, you will notice that the list of recommendations is hybrids that are mostly Sativa THC but not only those—Indica CBD is still very much welcome.

The reason for an 80-20 Sativa-Indica and THC-CBD ratio is because lovemaking is a complicated thing. The process of making love with another person is not about pleasing only the self or healing some kind of trauma—it is much more nuanced than that.

CBD oils or extracts or isolates will always produce a “dosage effect” that doctors or medical associates want because it can mean the patient with these illnesses can be thoroughly studied and the result made repeatable. And all this is a noble and fair game to get as close to 90 to 100 percent in CBD products with virtually no THC or psycho-active ingredient for a patient’s full self-healing process.

Lovemaking, however, is a biological impetus made grandiose by a cultural and societal “idea”, all of which are varied, quite different and have their own certain “kinks” or signature.

The act of lovemaking can be healing, especially with hybrid carefully selected strains, but in most relationships in lovemaking, this is seldom the priority for many lovers using the best pot for sex.

If That Is True, Then What Is The Best Weed For Sex Fit For Me As A Lover?

In all honesty, this will be harder to answer that given all these selected and recommended and more outside of these recommendations, have something to offer in one way or another.

Despite that, there is discussion and verification from enough people that certain strains have certain effects.

Cases in point:

  • The Purple Grandaddy is the strain you want to go for if you want to mellow out and release some kind of tension before lovemaking
  • Both the Jelly Bean and the Blue Cheese are strains you want to go for when it comes to imaginative, more risk-taking lovemaking sessions.
  • The Girl Scout Cookie is the strain you want to go for when it comes to having just enough stimulation to do lovemaking by yourself (really).
  • The Harlequin is the strain you want to go for if you want to be in the mood for lovemaking after a long night’s sleep or rest.
  • The Bubblegum Kush is the strain that probably most customers want for lovemaking sessions that fit the archetypical “romance” mold.
  • The Sour Diesel is the strain you want to go for when you want to have a lovemaking session that is more aggressive (to say the least) or when the circumstances fit.
  • The Dream Queen is the strain you want to go for if you want to enhance your endurance and recover your stamina for the lovemaking process.

As you can see, they vary and most likely, you will find one is better for something than another, which brings us to the end point.


Medical cannabis is at a point of continued research, and recreational marijuana is still very much a popular thing.

However, the best weed for sex that makes for an awesome haven as it can be, is still in its infancy and crosses so many borders that the investment itself is borderline fantastic.

Yes, the favorites are here and they have some crazy levels of hype, excitement, and categorization behind them, but a whole world of lovemaking weed enhancers are still to be explored (and lovemaking will be a lot better for it).

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