Best Weed for Creativity Boost

10 Best Weed for Creativity Boost

Marijuana use has been linked to expanding the creative mind. With the right strain, you can let your senses wander, improve your thoughts and help you concentrate on any creative venture. And if you are like most creative cannabis users who need that boost, you must try the following best weed for creativity that we have on our list.

Take note that not all marijuana strains have the same components. This is because of the differences between the strains’ terpene and cannabinoid profiles. Some strains may also help stimulate creativity in some people while some may have only a mild effect. Regardless of the strain, you want to try, consider your level of experience to avoid any untoward side effects.

List of the Best Weed for Creativity Boost

Kali Mist

You got the talent but somehow you lack the energy. Yes, this happens and usually, it’s tough waiting for your energy to rise when you need to submit deadlines and have tons of work to do. Luckily there’s a strain called Kali Mist.

Kali Mist is a pure sativa strain that will give you newfound energy and creativity. If you wake up with a total lack of energy, Kali Mist will help shake you up and keep you going. You will also feel uplifted, happy and focused things you need to help you start your day.

Jack Herer

Aside from its strong natural effects, Jack Herer’s fantastic aroma and unique taste are enough to boost your creativity in no time. The famed sativa gives you a focused mindset, improved physical and mental energy and an uplifted feeling which you simply can’t find in other sativa strains.

Jack Herer has a mellow yet balanced high that will leave your mind focused, flexible and with plenty of room to indulge in any creative journey. Some users even recommend Jack Herer because of its ability to enhance creativity and to improve mental capabilities.   


One of the most potent hybrids in the menu is Chemdawg. It is known for its ability to relax users to the point that they feel happy, uplifted and euphoric. If you need a boost of creativity that packs a punch then this strain is for you. But if you want to remain in touch with reality then Chemdawg may not be your strain.

According to first-time Chemdawg users, they experienced their thoughts rushing through their heads. They felt very overwhelmed during the first time but once they had the hand of the strain’s effects, they were able to proceed with creative tasks with more vigor.

Purple Haze

Make colors more vibrant and sounds crispier with Purple Haze. This is a lovely stunner that will help you get the most out of what Haze strains can give. Purple Haze can stimulate your senses and give you fresh eyes for your new project or activity. Everything will turn up vibrant, interesting and worth doing when you are under the influence of this strain.

Purple Haze is a fantastic sativa that give you a dose of energy perfect if you had a lack of sleep or you had so many things to do last night. It is the go-to strain to lift you out of a bad mood. It will improve your physical and mental wellbeing so you will be able to work on different projects without delay.


No, we did not go back in time to the 60s! LSD is a marijuana strain that was so named because of its trippy and relaxing effects. It comes with an inspiring high that will surely help you get back to work and deal with different creative tasks.

LSD has an overpowering relaxing effect. As you sit back and enjoy its uplifting positive effect, you can also benefit from its many therapeutic effects as well including relief from pain, improved mood to combat depression and stress and relief from insomnia.

Berry White

Usually, sativa strains top the charts when it comes to inducing creativity. However, some people need to relax first before they can engage in creative activities and this is where Berry White steps in.

This relaxing indica can calm the overactive mind with its slow-paced effects. It will make you feel relaxed but at the same time happy and uplifted. Once you’re in the zone, you can now dive into any artistic or creative work.


Another electrifying sativa is here to bring back your vibe. Tangie offers you longer-lasting euphoria, delicious citrusy smell and taste, and a creative effect. You will feel energetic after consuming this strain.

It will provide you with a patient and focusing effect that is great for long and extensive projects. You will feel in the mood to work on new projects too no matter how tedious it may be when you are under the influence of Tangie. It can also be used for a number of medical conditions including pain, inflammation, stress, anxiety, and insomnia.


The most notable thing about Jillybean is that it’s so beautiful especially when its flowers are in full bloom. Jillybean is a hybrid strain that will bring bright and peaceful euphoria. You can forget about negative thoughts and come out uplifted and happy after taking this strain.

You can say goodbye to mental and physical burdens and you relax from head to toe. As with its recreational and creative effects, you may also use Jillybean to combat pain, reduce stress and anxiety and to get a good night’s sleep.

Amnesia Haze

Don’t be turned off by its name. Amnesia Haze is not what you think. It won’t leave your thoughts hazy but will keep you motivated and creative. This strain works by providing a mind-focused high which will help reduce anxiety.

It is because of Amnesia Haze’s creative and stimulating effects that it is part of every Dutch coffeeshop’s menu. This sativa-dominant strain has that fantastic sweet and lemony citrus smell that will instantly wake you up. Because it’s sativa-dominant, it can make you feel giggly, euphoric, happy and creative.

Blue Dream

Crossing a Blueberry indica with a Haze sativa will give you Blueberry Dream. But this strain is unlike its name because it won’t keep you in a tranquil state for long. Blueberry Dream has offers a two-stage high. First, the sativa effects kick in and then afterwards, you’ll get a relaxing indica experience.

Those who have used the Blue Dream before recommending this strain for its ability to give you a clear-headed high. All you need to do is to wait for the high, sit back and let the ideas pour in.

And Blue Dream is also popular for its daytime medicinal effects.

Why people suffer from a creative slump?

Lack of creativity or a slump can be due to different reasons. Some people suffer from a lack of creativity because they are tired and suffer from lack of sleep. If this were the case, what weed is best for creativity? Look for strains that can help you sleep and feel relaxed. This way, you’ll feel recharged and ready for any creative endeavor when you wake up.

On the other hand, if you simply feel too hyped up and too worried about negative thoughts, you can use a relaxing strain to calm you down and to help you recount ideas and arrange these into a creative and logical form. The most common relaxing strains are indica strains. A large collection of indica and indica-dominant strains are usually available in local dispensaries.

Strains that can lift you up and give you newfound energy are also available. Sativa strains can help pull you out of that slump and give you a feeling of euphoria and focus to help you with any task that requires your full attention and creativity. Your budtender will be able to help you pick a strain so don’t worry if you can’t make up your mind just yet.

Sometimes a creative slump can be a way to tell you that it’s time for a change of pace, a change of plans. It’s natural even for professionals and artistically-inclined to suffer from this condition so don’t worry. You will soon recover from this slump and be able to come back with renewed energy.

If creativity is affected by feelings of depression or worthlessness, it’s best to consult your doctor. Don’t hesitate to seek medical advice especially when these negative thoughts are causing you to miss work, to avoid socializing with others and are affecting your health and appetite. If you know anyone with this condition, lend any help you can.

Frequently Asked Questions

Are strains that boost creativity for everyone?

A: Sadly, not all users can tolerate cannabis strains that have the ability to boost creativity. Because every user is different and each one has his own preference and tolerance, a stimulating strain for some may be too potent for another. Still, a stimulating strain for you may not be enough for a seasoned cannabis user.

How do you reduce the side effects of these strains?

Strains that stimulate creativity may have a number of side effects. You could experience headaches, restlessness, and paranoia especially when you take a large dose. The best way to reduce side effects is to use a strain moderately. If you are new to using this type of strain, use it in a familiar environment and consume it with a friend or someone who can help you deal with any side effect.

Can you use creativity strains for medical conditions?

Yes. Some strains meant for boosting creativity has the natural medicinal properties which can help deal with pain, stress, depression, and anxiety. Some strains can help with medical conditions such as nausea, vomiting, and poor appetite.

Can creativity strains make you sleepy as the effects wear off?

Some strains can cause extreme relaxation which can lead to sleepiness. This is most common in indica strains that can help you relax your mind and body and stimulate creativity. Enhancing sleep is also one way to rest your mind and to prepare you for another stimulating day.

Will I feel hungry after taking strains with creativity effects?

Hunger is a common side effect of some strains. Not all strains that boost creativity have this effect. But if the strain you chose can trigger the munchies, prepare for this by stocking up on snacks and drinks. Hunger is a positive effect for some people and can even be a way to enhance appetite.

How to find a creative strain?

You may not find all these strains in one dispensary so before you head off to buy, call or email the shop to find out if the strain you want to buy is available. If you want to use any of these strains therapeutically, consult qualified medical personnel.

You may also order any of these strains online. Be sure to order only from reputable online dispensaries so you can get the best quality and value for your money. As much as possible, read reviews and get to know all about the online dispensary before you place your order. It must be a legit, straightforward cannabis shop that has the payment and delivery options that you prefer.

Don’t be afraid to experiment. Try different strains at a time. But as you try one strain, take only a moderate amount or dose. Do not overindulge. Find out your reaction to the strain and any side effects that you may encounter. If you are taking a new strain, don’t be in a hurry so you can enjoy the strain and find out if it is the best weed for creativity for your needs.  


It’s difficult to get the creative juices flowing especially when you’re tired and too slumped. Luckily there are cannabis strains that will keep you motivated and energetic. Each of these strains has natural and some unique properties that can give you that creative boost so chooses the best one that’s right for your needs.

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