Best Strains to Grow Outdoors in Michigan

Best Strains to Grow Outdoors in Michigan

Cannabis is a very resistant, versatile plant that can grow almost anywhere. In Michigan, where the climate seems too cold to grow almost anything, you can still cultivate cannabis with no worries, as long as you use the best strains to grow outdoors in Michigan. Are you ready to cultivate the best weed? Here are the top outdoor strains for you.

Top 8 Best Michigan Outdoor Strains

  1. Afghani
  2. Auto Kush CBD Feminized Seeds
  3. Critical Feminized
  4. Nicole Kush Feminized
  5. Northern Lights Autoflower
  6. Purple Kush Feminized
  7. Shiskaberry Kush
  8. White Widow Feminized


Afghani is a classic indica strain that will make you very relaxed and ready to focus on work. It is also one of the most potent medicinal strains as it can ease countless medical conditions including pain, anxiety, stress, and depression. Afghani is considered one of the oldest landraces on the planet and thus, has one of the most stable genetics.

Auto Kush CBD Feminized Seeds

The best bet for good yields in a chilly outdoor climate is autoflowering seeds. Auto Kush is a CBD-rich feminized seed that won’t make you work too hard to grow weed. First, it is feminized so you won’t have to deal with males that will only accidentally pollinate females. It’s an auto strain so it does not require a special lighting schedule to bloom. Finally, it’s a CBD strain and thus, will help deal with different medical conditions. It’s a must grow in Michigan.

Critical Feminized

A critical strain is one of the most therapeutic as it can ease conditions like stress, anxiety, depression, seizures, and pain. It has a fantastic smell and taste plus, it can be cultivated indoors or outdoors but you must have an experienced hand to do so.

Nicole Kush Feminized

One of the most prominent, powerful strains is Nicole Kush and this version is a feminized one which means, you will only grow plants that you need. There’s no need to compensate for any male plants in your garden. Nicole Kush is also a therapeutic strain as this can ease conditions like pain, headaches, migraines, loss of appetite, nausea, vomiting, and stress.

Northern Lights Autoflower

Northern Lights is a classic strain and one of the easiest to grow. Meanwhile, the automatic version makes it much easier to cultivate this strain especially in a small apartment space or close space. Northern Lights auto will bloom fast in just 7 to 9 weeks after germination. Also, it can produce good buds, glistening with thick resin despite its size. No need to use a special lightings schedule compared to its photoperiod version.

Purple Kush Feminized

Purple Kush is one of the most beautiful strains on the planet and its automatic version will let you grow fast as it blooms in just 7 to 9 weeks. It is a small plant that won’t need a special kind of lighting schedule to bloom. And because it’s a small strain, you can grow this stealthily anywhere. It can grow in a closet or cabinet, in a dormitory or apartment without anyone knowing.

Shiskaberry Kush

Combine all the fruity strains you know and you’ll get delicious Shiskaberry. This burst of flavor is also therapeutic as it can ease pain, anxiety, stress, and depression. This Kush variety is also easy to grow as it’s a very hardy, resilient strain indoors or outdoors.

White Widow Feminized

White Widow is another classic and the feminized version lets you grow only the plants you need. No more male plants that will only accidentally pollinate your females. You will have potent buds covered with thick resin in no time.

There it is, 8 best Michigan outdoor strains. Pick one that will suit you best but do your own research and check what the strain needs to grow the best and the healthiest plants even at home.

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