Best Strains to Grow in Australia 

Best Strains to Grow in Australia 

Australia has the best climate and the richest soils to grow almost anything, even marijuana. If you are planning to cultivate cannabis and can’t decide which strain is best, let us help you get started with a list of the best strains to grow in Australia.

Top 8 Marijuana Strains to Grow in Australia

  1. Blue Gelato 41
  2. Bruce Banner #3
  3. Dr. Grinspoon
  4. Gorilla Glue #4
  5. Pineapple Chunk
  6. Purple Punch
  7. Shiskaberry
  8. Trippy Gorilla Autoflowering

Blue Gelato 41

Blue Gelato 41 is one of the tastiest strains on the planet. It was made by combining the genes of a Blueberry with a Thin Mint Girl Scout Cookies plus a Sunset Sherbet. This triple cross has created a relaxing strain that will grow well in any climate, even in warm countries like Australia. 

Bruce Banner #3

One of the toughest and the most potent strains, this strain can produce the most unbelievable high as it comes with 25 to 29 percent THC levels. It is one of the phenotypes of Bruce Banner but despite this, it is more powerful than ever, ready to kick you to the ground. This strain is also one of the easiest to cultivate no matter where you’re located. Give it the best nutrition and grow in organic soil and you’ll get potent Bruce Banner #3 in no time.

Dr. Grinspoon

Dr. Grinspoon is one of the most powerful strain that will leave you relaxed and grinning at the same time. This strain is also therapeutic and will help you ease stress, anxiety, depression, and most of all, pain. It is capable of easing all kinds of pain including headaches, migraines, muscle pains, and joint pains. In the garden, Dr. Grinspoon needs an able and experienced hand to grow.

Gorilla Glue #4

Gorilla Glue #4 will leave you literally glued to your seats as it can produce a very potent high. This plant is covered with thick resin ready for people who want to make concentrates. This awesome strain packs amazing power, heavy euphoria, and complete relaxation. In the garden, it can be a challenge to grow but feed it the right nutrients and cultivate it in good soil and the best yields will be ready for you.

Pineapple Chunk

Fruity and delicious, Pineapple Chunk strain is one of the all-time favorites of consumers in Australia and the rest of the world. There’s something about its smell, flavor, and effects that will leave you hooked. This strain will leave you relaxed, happy, and ready to focus on the tasks at hand. It is also a therapeutic strain as it can ease countless conditions such as pain, anxiety, stress, depression, and nausea. Use it moderately to get its full effects.

Purple Punch

Purple Punch lets you swim in fantastic berry, grape, and fruity tastes and smells. It is a very potent strain with impressive therapeutic properties. You can use this strain to deal with all kinds of pain as well as anxiety, stress, and depression. If you wish to grow Purple Punch, start with the best organic soil as you don’t need to add more nutrients which will only stress your plants.


Deliciously fruity, Shiskaberry will keep you wanting more. It is a very potent strain which you can use at night to relax and calm you down. You can also use Shiskaberry to deal with conditions like stress and anxiety, pain and strain and so many more.

Trippy Gorilla Autoflowering

This automatic strain is very potent and can also work as a therapeutic strain. Growing Trippy Gorilla auto is so easy, you can do this with your eyes closed. It flowers fast in just 7 to 9 weeks and because of its size, it can be grown inside apartments or in a small closet or cabinet space.

There you have it, the 8 best strains to grow in Australia. We hope you find the best one that works for your needs.

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