Best Strains for Male Arousal

Best Strains for Male Arousal

When it comes to getting the most out of your marijuana, there are a few different strains that can help. Some of these strains have been specifically cultivated to increase male arousal and improve sexual performance.

These types of strains have been found to be particularly effective in helping men achieve the kind of physical response they are looking for. They can also help men with erectile dysfunction or other issues that may be affecting their ability to achieve an erection and enjoy sex.

If you’re looking to boost your libido, it makes sense that you’d want to try a strain that’s been shown to increase blood flow. But it can be hard to know where to begin. That’s why we’ve put together this list of 10 great strains for boosting male arousal (and orgasm).

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Top 10 Best Strains for Male Arousal

  1. Orange Kush
  2. Super Skunk
  3. Skywalker OG Kush
  4. Royal Medic
  5. Blue Dream
  6. NY Diesel
  7. White Widow
  8. Girl Scout Cookies
  9. Grape Ape
  10. Kali Mist

Orange Kush

This strain is a powerful Indica that helps relax muscles, reduce anxiety, and increase pleasure. It also helps to increase blood flow to the penis and make it easier for you to achieve an erection.

Super Skunk

Super Skunk is a hybrid strain that has been known for its strong smell, potency and quick effects. This sativa dominant strain can be used to treat depression, anxiety and stress. It’s also great for pain relief as well as male arousal.

Skywalker OG Kush

This strain is known for increasing libido in both men and women! It’s a potent sativa-dominant hybrid that provides a focused buzz that increases energy, focus, and motivation.

Royal Medic

This strain is excellent for relieving stress and promoting a sense of well-being. Its high THC content makes it perfect for treating anxiety disorders like PTSD or social anxiety disorder (SAD). It also helps relieve pain while increasing your libido!

Blue Dream

This strain is one of the most popular strains available today because it has balanced effects that provide both relaxation and energy without being too heavy on either end of the spectrum. The high THC content means it works great as an aphrodisiac while still being able to provide relief from other conditions such as depression or chronic pain due to its high CBD content.

NY Diesel

NY Diesel is a hybrid strain that was created by crossing the legendary Mexican Sativa and Afghani landrace. This combination creates a powerful, fruity-smelling flower with relaxing effects that are perfect for sex.

NY Diesel is great for treating depression and stress, as well as fatigue associated with chronic pain or illness. It can also help people who suffer from headaches or migraines–especially those who experience nausea during these episodes–by reducing inflammation in the brain tissue surrounding blood vessels (which causes swelling).

White Widow

White Widow is a hybrid strain that’s known for its high THC content. It’s a cross between Brazilian and South Indian sativa strains, and it has a sweet and sour taste. The cerebral effect can last up to two hours, making White Widow ideal for those who need help relaxing or sleeping at night.

White Widow is one of the most popular marijuana strains in the world because of its potent effects on relaxation, sleepiness (if you want it), creativity and perfect for male arousal–all things that make us feel good!

Girl Scout Cookies

Girl Scout Cookies is a strain that’s good for pain relief, depression, anxiety and insomnia. It’s also great at stimulating appetite and relieving nausea. If you’re looking for something to relax your muscles with Girl Scout Cookies will be right up your alley! This strain can help reduce stress while still giving you energy – perfect for focusing on pleasure!

Grape Ape

Grape Ape is a Sativa strain that can be used to treat depression and anxiety. It’s also known to stimulate creativity, making it an excellent choice for those who need help getting in touch with their creative side.

Grape Ape has a fruity taste with notes of grapefruit and pine trees. This potent strain produces a euphoric high that leaves you feeling relaxed yet upbeat, making it ideal for social situations where you want to enjoy yourself without feeling distracted or anxious about what others are doing around you (the latter being something many people struggle with when they’re high).

Kali Mist

Kali Mist is a hybrid strain with a high THC content. This strain is known for its euphoric effects and can be helpful for those who suffer from chronic pain or insomnia.

Kali Mist is great for those who are looking to relax, unwind, enjoy, and increase male arousal.


We hope you enjoyed our list of the top 10 best strains for male arousal. As we said above, these are just some of the many options available to help boost your sex drive and get you in the mood for lovemaking. We strongly recommend that you try out different strains until one works best for you!

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