Best Strains for Anxiety

Best Strains for Anxiety

With the rise of more authority-based, vested research into the marijuana phenomenon, there has also been a near equal rise in using the best weed for anxiety purposes and other ailments that cause all sorts of pain.

So, if you have nervous breakdowns and depression, you might want to invest in the best quality weed strains for anxiety, as much as you can. If you are at a loss and want some recommendations, we provide you a list of some of the best strains of weeds for anxiety out there.

Top 10 Best Strains for Anxiety

Canna Tsu

It is a hybrid strain that is equally balanced in terms of both its indica and Sativa content and structure (around 50 and 50 in percentage).Often described to be scented with a sweetness to the level of pine, the citrus overtones are nothing to sneeze at. One of the main points of this particular strains is that it has a significant amount of CBD content with a relatively low amount of THC content (only at 8 in percentage, at the lowest), this harmony has often been a recommended choice for people who have longed for the relaxing benefits of cannabis without the rupture that often comes with strong THC content.

Cherry Pie

It is perhaps one of the most aptly named in this “best” weed strains for anxiety category of ours here, with overtones that are a delight to dig in but living up to the fruity texture. It is a dominant Indica strain (of 70 in percentage) and it hits around a combination that gives off relaxation with a surge of being lifted up, due to a large filling of THC (up to 25 in percentage). And, it is that rather strong THC coupled with a good dose of CBD that makes the effects happen at a level that is really pleasant—a sugar high and crash, in the case of this leafy plant.

White Widow

Itis quite the stimulant and overall brain enhancer, to say the least of its reputation.

It is a hybrid strain that is balanced in terms of its indica and Sativa content (without about 40 in sativa percentage and 60 percent indica), which provide a concentrated form of mind elevation without causing too much by way of drowsiness and sleepiness. With THC levels that abound by as much as 25 in percentage, it offers a vibrancy that few can match by reaping the wonderful benefits of just enough relaxation while keeping alertness and focus high—perfect for medicine and recreation.

Purple Grandaddy

Itis one of the best marijuana for anxiety you can fill up a room with—and seasoned veteran favorite, too. Known to be an Indica dominant strain combination of the Purple Urkle and a Big Bud, this dense and sultry cannabis offers up a thick flower made up of just about 20 in sativa percentage and 80 by way of indica percentage—with THC content being up to 17 to 24 percent.

The effects of this marijuana are nothing short of powerful, and most have had to contend with a happy but heavy feeling of their body, which is helpful when dealing with a lot of pain, and the very strong pain relief factor is enough to drive anxiety down to the ground as you melt in a relaxed and sedated state.


It is a strain combination of cannabis strains, Jack The Ripper and Harlequin sound scary, but it is just there to scare away the many effects that a high THC content product can bring forth. With a scented aroma that is akin to “sweet pepper” with a dash of lemon, the ratio between THC and CBD is at a wonderful ratio of 1and 1.

Medically speaking, it has a wonderful record in the medical associations with a CBD count of up to 15%, which helps quell out the bodily aches and the anxiety and depression—offering up a sweet release of the brain and an overall mood improved status.

Kush Of Stephen

Itis a bud that helps your mind as much as your body but never in a dull way by providing a fruit zest kind of scent and texture, similar to how lemons increase brain and memory abilities. It has an impressive upregulation of CBD at 13 in percentage, with the THC count being around 5 to 12 in percentage—boosting the calmness and bliss but releasing just enough to allow for creative focus. It is a strain that acts relatively (due to THC) fast but not without the coaxing and merits that come from the sedative balance (CBD) that goes with meditative subtlety—as all mind work should be. 

Skywalker OG

It is nothing short of out a flight up the stairs after just wanting to step out of the door in the earliest of the morning, complete with a mental focus that is hard to describe other than otherworldly. With dominance in term of Indica, it has the ratio quality of about 85 in Indica percentage and 15 percent in Sativa, but the THC content is certainly something worthy to be considerate—for an Indica strain, at least. The strange base of a rather strong amount of THC, the CBD takes over after the initial “lift-off”, figuratively sending out and laying out in a vast unknown space—and all pleasant, too.

Strawberry Cough

It is pretty much a berry with a with the properties of medicinal cannabis, that can be as mysterious as it is helpful when it comes to letting you feel in control of your states of mind. The strain is made up of a high Sativa percentage that is 80 and a modest amount of 20 in Indica percentage, the rather high THC content (26 percent), the feelings of utmost euphoric elevation is felt and one that rids of tiredness—and quite fast, too. Without taking into account possible jitters, this strain is not so much a sweet berry jam, but one that is almost like a berry just ripe for the picking—tarty and strong.


Itis a strain that, when compared to the rest of its brothers and sisters, is made specifically for the healing and springing of the body, with the as little psycho-active process as possible. With a surprisingly low amount of natural THC, this Sativa strain offers a TCH to CBD balance of around 1 percent in THC and 24 percent in CBD—making this a high CBD count for a Sativa strain.

This strain will not get you elevated or uplifted or even driven down to the ground, but being supported by medical associations through request is proof enough that its relaxing, pain-relieving and anxiety cutting properties are cause for applause.

Northern Lights

The Northern Lights is nothing short of a promise to get to the real thing (as closely as possible anyway), with this famous, iconic and quite possibly the best cannabis for anxiety that an Indica strain can be.

With a THC count from 15 to 22 in percentage, it calls forth a high amount of surging power that gets the consumer straight to the hill of relaxation (thanks to the CBD balance) without sacrificing the responses to positive euphoria—like being in heaven instead of just space. It does not shy away from being a strain that can alter your very connection with anxiety and nervousness by taking you to a world of dreams and high-definition creativity—out of this world combo, right there.

Why Does Marijuana Produce Anti-Anxiety Medication?

Marijuana has been getting a lot of recognition in both the mainstream media when it comes to producing effects that have a lot to do with reducing levels of inflammation in the body, relieving the body of certain ailments and ills and thus, reducing anxiety—the best marijuana products does all of these and more.

Specifically, and for a long time, medical communities have shown a promise in the area of plant research that marijuana has been able to instigate through its commercial and niche community-based popularity. And from that instigated popularity, came forth research that affected not only psychology and the liberal arts but also many kinds of specific medical research.

What Is In Cannabis That Is Able to Have Such Medical Effects?

Although many other plants have all kinds of compounds to them, cannabis offers a unique advantage in that it is able to produce certain plant compounds known as cannabinoids.

These cannabinoids, especially in the best cannabis for anxiety are able to affect the neurological and eventually, psychological fields that run across our state of consciousness. But, as said, almost all plants have this ability due to their evolutionary defense mechanisms—cannabis has two important strain that is medically beneficial.

The Two Most Popular Weed Strains In Marijuana Or Cannabis Research

Currently, the most dominant studied strains in medical research are respectively cannabis Sativa and Cannabis indica. In the consumer and breeder market, however, a lot of these strains will come many times by way of hybrid (either Sativa dominant or Indica dominant).

But, as far as eighty percent (80%) of medical research is concerned, the best weed strains for anxiety fall under the banner of the Indica strain, and for good reason. The Indica strain is able to produce cannabinoids that have been given the label of CBD or cannabidiol, and these compounds are responsible for the Indica strain’s darker shade of colors as a flower structure.

Are Strains Of Weed Like Indica The Most Beneficial For Anxiety Patients?

Based on the results and backup coming from medical associations, the case seems to be that, indeed, Indica strains and their cannabidiol (CBD) content are the ones greatly studied as solutions to several cases of anxiety and its manifestations.

Cannabidiols, have been correlated to produce several effects in patients that have post-traumatic stress disorders, nervous breakdowns and those that suffer mild to severe aspects of depression, not to mention the many kinds of “anecdotal” (varied person reported) evidence coming from different consumers of these Indica cannabidiol strains.

Why A High Cannabidiol Content In A Marijuana Flower Is Better For Anxiety

Compared to its relatively more powerful (psycho-actively at least) sibling in THC (tetrahydrocannabinol), cannabidiols or CBD have far lesser activity when it comes to triggering a response in participants—THC is particularly associated with a higher reactive response that increases anxiety tendencies.

And, while THC content in marijuana is beneficial in some other pathways, it is often ill-advised or not recommended when it comes to patients that have difficulty managing already alert and active states when having to deal with their anxiety problems, and who may not be able to take a compound effect.

Could Cannabis With A High Cannabidiol Content Have Similar Effects To THC?

There have been explanations, mostly coming from experts in the field of cannabis growing, that CBD and THC are pretty much the same things. This is, of course, quite true when it comes to Indica strains whether they are pure of hybrid). But the case can vary by quite a lot when you have isolated compounds.

And, the issue of isolated compounds, is what makes the medically supported research on CBD content in Indica and even Sativa strains (which also contain a small amount of CBD) a different matter because of the purpose has always been manipulation and configuration (no matter the strain) of CBD content only.

While these isolated compounds have been specifically for medical reasons, you can be assured enough that these strain recommendations under the best weed for anxiety have been measured to be quite high in CBD effects and with little to no noticeable THC effects.


Anxiety and depression are real things. What is nice nowadays, is that old remedies and pastimes have been given a second look and a consideration, quite frankly, they should have gotten a long time ago.

But we are here and armed now with the information that the best marijuana or cannabis for anxiety and all other medical ailments are there for us to explore.

We gave you our list so you can try them out, but be sure to try them out one at a time, safely.

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