Best Selling Marijuana Strains

10 Best Selling Marijuana Strains in the World

Marijuana strains are everywhere these days. Unlike the old times, different cannabis is now used for many reasons. Back in the day, the usage of weeds is mainly for recreational purposes. These days, it is being used rampantly for medicinal purposes. A lot of patients can get the relief they needed without the usual side effects of traditional medicines. There is a long list of strains out there that people can choose from but only a few created a big impact globally.

Let’s check out the top-grossing marijuana strains in the world.

White Widow

Let’s talk about a classic. There is no doubt that White Widow is on the top list of best-selling marijuana strains. This cannabis is not new in the league of the prominent weeds but it is still around up to this date. It has the capability to induce a one of a kind euphoria to the user. The potency of this cannabis will hit the right spot that can enhance creativity and focus. It has been favored by patrons due to the lack of sedative component that can negate functionality to the consumer.

Blue Dream

This cannabis is special in its own right. This California local is considered a legend in the marijuana world. It doesn’t matter if you are a cannabis user or not, Blue Dream is quite impossible to miss based on its popularity. The combination of the mind buzzing effect and the couch lock it can induce, it is one of the strains that people would crave to get their hands on.

Green Crack

The rise on the popularity of Green Crack is based on the effects it can provide. Users of this strain can get an extraordinary focus that can last long. Unlike other cannabis, this weed is exceptional as the users won’t feel tired and drained even after the high wears off. It has become a favorite due to the delicious flavor and the kind of energy it administers.

Girl Scout Cookies

The fame of this strain started out at the dispensaries in California. The effect it has is one of a kind as it is a suitable weed whether for novices or experts. It is not surprising on how this lady took the global market by storm. The cannabis has the ability to create an oblivious euphoria that can make people forget the time and at the same time kicks an impeccable relaxation even to the tiniest part of the body.

Gorilla Glue #4

There is no doubt about the strength of this marijuana. Even its name was derived from a popular glue in the United States. The strain has high THC content that can reach a soaring 25% can keep the consumer pinned on the couch for hours. It is suitable for patients that are agonized by recurring pain.

Northern Lights

A lot of comments about this marijuana star cemented its reputation worldwide. There are numerous people that considered this cannabis the best of all. In just a few puffs, this weed can already deliver a satisfying relaxation. It is a strain that is extremely popular among those who have insomnia. The calmness it brings is not just through a cerebral component as it has the ability to lull the consumer into a deep and satisfying sleep.

Skywalker OG

Marijuana users tend to find a strain that they can test their limits. The Skywalker OG can provide that and even prove them wrong. It has the capability to deliver a knock out punch. The power of this cannabis is extreme that can last for days. Insomniacs are a big fan of this weed as it can provide the final hit that can take them into dreamland. Though, it should be used with fair warning that it can take away the functionality of the user while it envelops the body in total relaxation.


If there is an A-list artist, there is also something similar with marijuana strains. The Blueberry belongs on that category without a doubt. The medicinal effects of this cannabis are not the only thing that stands out about it. The tasty treat has been around helping people since the 1970’s. It is still around and that says a lot about why people adore this weed. Wherever people may be, pain and stress are always around. This cannabis is known to be an effective help in fighting those two rampant ailments.

Granddaddy Purple

The Granddaddy Purple took the world by surprise. Marijuana experts are used to seeing numerous strains that come in the shades of green. This strain is special. It is the first ever marijuana hybrid that turns out with a different color which is purple. However, the appearance may be the trigger to make consumers curious but its effects are what make it extra special. It is widely used for its medicinal attributes, flavor, and the kind of high that stretches from head to toe.


This cannabis is considered to have one of the highest CBD content. The healing properties of this marijuana are used to treat different ailments not just physically but on the mental side as well. Not all strains have the ability to help people combat epilepsy and seizures but Cannatonic can get the job done. The subtlety of its high is perfect even for new smokers. It doesn’t overwhelm yet it works wonders to lessen psychoactive attacks.

People may have already lost count on how many marijuana strains are there. Even if that is the case, there are strains that can leave a mark. The kinds of weed that make people crave it. These strains create a big impact based on their healing capabilities, flavor, high, and effects. Try these strains and let them surprise you based on the exceptional attributes they can bring to the table. Once you get a taste of these world-renowned strains, it is not impossible that you can also get hooked like the rest of the world.

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